AG Academy


The Academy is an upcoming feature in Prodigy which is located in the center of the map. It's unique from other locations as it is a floating fortress.

In the tutorial, the 5 gems powering the entrance bridge were taken away by the evil Puppet Master. Your character will be required to reclaim the five gems by doing other masters quests to reopen the Academy's bridge. There is one missing gem. On the Prodigy logo, a banner used to be there that said coming soon and people thought it meant the academy was coming soon, but it was just an event called Springfest.


There is currently no evidence that there will be pets or being able to buy pets in the Academy.


  • It was previously accessible from earlier versions.
  • In a recent update for the game, the Shipwreck Gem is now obtainable in Shipwreck Shore.
  • After completing the Shipwreck Shore quests, Eve states that you cannot place the gems on the pedestals, therefore making the Academy inaccessible.
  • It is rumored that there will be a sixth gem making the last gem obtainable in the Lost Island, where Swoopy is the Master Wizard.
  • The Academy is inaccessible because Prodigy hasn't finished the making of it.