Arcticlaw is an Ice element pet. It learns Ice and Water element spells.


Arcticlaw is a pure white wolf. It has a bushy tail and baby blue eyes. It is usually seen with its tongue sticking out of its mouth. It also looks like a husky.

In-Game Description

"Arcticlaws are one of the most loyal and protective pets. If you can befriend one, that is."


Arcticlaw → Frostfang

Arcticlaw evolves into Frostfang at level 25 and doesn't evolve from anything.

Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

  • Fire element pets (never bring to Bonfire Spire)

This pet is strong to:

  • Storm element pets (bring to Skywatch for training)


Spell Level Unlocked
Ice Prison 1
Water Bomb 6
Glacial Shield 12
Water Bubble 24
Ice to Meet You 37
Angel's Fountain 57


There is a world, Wolfbreath, that is named after Arcticlaw.


  • Arcticlaw shares the same stats and moveset as Frostfang, its evolved form.
  • It is one of the few pets that can be bought.
  • When Arcticlaw evolves, it will be an Arcticlaw wearing stylish armour.


AG ArcticlawWorldWolfbreath


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