Astral Icon

Astral is the element of your wizard. There is no Elemental Zone with Astral pets, but there are Dynos and Epics that can learn the moves.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Astral spells are strong against Pippet, who has the shadow element. It is currently not weak to any elements.

Astral Moves

  • Magi-Shot - Level 1
  • Batter Up! - Level 5
  • Conjure-Level 12
  • Pummel-Level 22
  • Powerbeam - Level 38
  • Zero - Level 52

Pets that learn Astral Spells


Screenshot (161)

A wizard using Zero, an Astral spell

Screenshot (163)

Zero does normal damage

Screenshot (162)

A TripTrop pulled into Zero's vortex