Astral is the element of your wizard, and has it's own set of 6 spells (like all other elements), yet has no Epics powered move. There is no Elemental Zone with Astral Pets, because there are no Astral Pets!

Weaknesses and Strengths

Astral spells are strong against Pippet, who has the shadow element. It is currently not weak to any elements. However, other element spells are weak against Pippet.

Moves Learned By Wizards (Astral)

Rare Pets That Learn Astral Spells

There are a few rare pets that can learn Astral spells, and they all are Dynos:



The astral element's image.

Screenshot (161)

A wizard starting to use an astral Spell known as Zero.


The astral element of a wizard.

Screenshot (162)

A wizard pulling a TripTrop into Zero's vortex.

Screenshot (164)

The cooldown after Zero, as it still does loads of damage.

Screenshot (163)

Astral spells do normal damage on most elements, but are powerful against the Shadow element.

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