Aureate is a Water pet in Prodigy. Aureate is a violet, moon-themed version of Celesteate.


Aureate resembles a moon themed pet. It is purple, with a moon symbol on its forehead. Its wings also resemble crescent moons. It has cinnamon-colored eyes.

In-Game Description

The Aureate's glowing body can light up like a lightbulb bright as the sun to blind its foes.

 Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:


Spell Level Unlocked
Water Blast 1
Bolt 7
Rainy Day 14
Thunderdome 26
Geyser 40
Storm's Coming 60


There is currently no world named after Aureate, but there is a world named after its previous evolution, Creela.


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