Basic Information

Beneel is a pet in Prodigy with the element of Water. It can found and caught in Barnacle Cove, in later missions. It's power ranks up to B, it's Life ranks up to A-, and it's growth ranks up to B-.

It's stats become stronger in it's final evolution.

In-Game Description

Funkeels quickly grow into Beneels, which swim to the depths of the oceans in order to grow larger and larger.


Beneel resembles that of a whale, being clearly designed like one. This becomes even more evident with it's description. It has bright purple eyes, and bright purple fins on it's tail, fins, and along it's back. It also has purple fins along the side of it's body. It is a primarily blue creature with dark blue spots on it's front back and dark blue stripes on it's lower back. It has a white underbelly and a white spot on it's upper torso. It is shown in it's final evolution, Fathom, that it can squirt water out of it's upper back spots.

Evolutionary Line

You can catch or purchase a Funkeel in Barnacle Cove, Funkeel's pre-evolution. Funkeel will evolve into Beneel at level 14. Beneel will then evolve into Fathom, the final member of the evolutionary line, at level 28. If your Beneel does not evolve at the level it is expected to (or any member of the evolutionary line), it will evolve the very next time you level it up.


Beneel learns 4 out of 6 of all of the total Water moves. It will learn all of the move listed below before you evolve it. Every pet in the Beneel evolutionary line only learn water moves. Beneel learns Water attacks, so Beneel's moves are strong against Fire, but weak against Earth and Storm.

Beneel's Moves

  • Water Blast
  • Water Bomb
  • Rainy Day
  • Water Bubble


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