• Peanutsbutter

    Prodigy Battles

    December 10, 2017 by Peanutsbutter

    Hi Guys! As you know, I am one of the users here on Prodigy Fandom Wikia! If you would like to battle me, send me a message on my message wall signaling time, date and world or you might find me in my favorite world, Astrallum.

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Just Curious: Polls

    December 9, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    I have a lot of questions to ask people about this site and their favorite things, so I hope none of you mind these polls.


    Thank you for taking your time into responding to these polls. Us staff appreciate the feedback.

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  • FlareonIsAwesome13

    Ok, many people have been asking me for special requests. The answer is I can give you the rights but you have to say why you should have that right. Otherwise, you can get 5th place on the leaderboard and you can ask me for ANY right you want except for admin and bureaucrat. Good luck!

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  • Glaciersong


    December 4, 2017 by Glaciersong

    Not related to Prodigy, but does anyone know ho to wikitext? I'm learning it for Warrior Cat Answers Wiki.

    My current one is this: Glaciersong (talk) 02:36, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

    I can do basic stuff, like change font color.

    Or this and a that.

    And strikethrough is text goes here

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  • FourSevensRiolu


    December 2, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    Below are going to be some important notices. READ THEM ALL, because they are important to the wiki.

    Now that we have officially established a new Bureaucrat, FlareonIsAwesome13 (Angelina), and we got a lot of new blocks/promotions, I'd like to give shout-outs:

    • Good job, FlareonIsAwesome13! Finally, we can have a very socially popular Bureaucrat that comes here daily!
    • Congrats, all of us staff, because we've got more projects to do . It's like veggies-they taste bad but are good for overall - - -...
    • Let's go, everyone. Even though we seem to be backing down from what's really important, we need to step up. We have new polls, new projects, and even new category clean-ups. If we want to keep up our flourishing wiki, we have to collaborate.

    And ag…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    New Format Wars

    November 30, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    Poll closed for maintenance. Come back in January!

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    NEW DRAGONS/ Fanfics

    November 30, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu


    I have some new fanfictions, and you can just give me a ring for an idea, and I'll make something if I have the time.

    Once a long time ago, Nick the Arena Wizard with his tendency to carol all year long became a well-known Winterfest leader, as he is known to ship …

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    Find those locations

    November 29, 2017 by ITS A BUBBLESAUR

    This blog is to help people find places for their bounties.

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  • SA Disney Princess Wiki AND M.A.D. LOVER

    Prodigy is the coolest! Right? In this Blog post I will share my Prodigy experiences. Whenever I play Prodigy as a non member I meet my friend, and she is my friend in real life too, Treasure Hunter Addison, we meet in Lamplight, Dragonfire. You CAN find me there. I am really Courtney Moonstaff, and I have fifteen pets. My pets are:2 Scally, Funkeel, Ashlet, Browl, Hob, Peeko, Mystile, Mystyyk, Truckle, TripTrop, Pomprikle, Arcticlaw, Tinyger, and Luminite. Yeah, I sorta reached my non member limit. But, I can’t wait to evolve them. I am playing this Friday with Addison, I THINK. Did you ever spin a wheel and not get anything but gold?

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  • Hisir


    November 27, 2017 by Hisir

    anybody saw that there are two or thee prodigy wikis?Just wondering if anyone saw it...

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  • Totally Cookie

    Hi guys! Because of the new update, we just need to click on ourselves in prodigy and just change our style, what is the point of "the stylist's Shoppe"? We can do that ourselves!

                    Who needs this: 

                                                                              When you got this:




                                Anyway, thank you for reading! If you agree or just want to comment, please do in the comment section! :)


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Poll closed. FlareonIsAwesome13 gets to be Bureaucrat, for her 17 vote landslide!

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  • EspeonageEspeon

    Note To Rogue Users

    November 22, 2017 by EspeonageEspeon

    "Only YOU can prevent rogue edits." Smoky The Bear EspeonageEspeon

    This is a note to all people who vandalize, hack, spam, have. been. warned. This is NOT minimodding, as I'm an undercover Moderator. LOOK AT THIS SNIP OF THE TERMS OF USE:

    Yep. True snip. Check my IP address...I actually do have authority, RIGHT? You people can fight back all you want against what I just gave you, but you're just feeding attention to me (yay...the attention goes right back at me, just what hackers like). If you people cannot follow the code of conduct, too bad for get a global ban. 

    Undercover Agent signing off...

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  • ILCL689

    New Updates for Prodigy

    November 22, 2017 by ILCL689

    There are new Chill & Char and Tidus merchandise from Macha and Mama Star has new dragon-ish items! See you with the awesome new gear!

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  • MinorStrategies

    Prodigy Fun

    November 19, 2017 by MinorStrategies

    Everybody loves Prodigy! It's where math is made fun! Join Flora and her friend Gerald's sleeping habits, Bok and his woes, Benny and Broccolina fights along with Eugene's pranks, Slurpy's cooking skills, and Eve's stern tasks to beating Old one.

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  • FourSevensRiolu


    November 19, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu




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  • Hisir


    November 19, 2017 by Hisir


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Here we go...aww yea mr krabbs...the memes!

    MEME 1:

    MEME 2:

    MEME 3:

    MEME 4:

    MEME 5:

    Magi-shot is Quick Attack; Batter-up! is Jump Kick; Conjure is Hidden Power; Pummel is Punishment; Powerbeam is Hyper Beam; Zero is Hydro Vortex; Mudball is Mud Shot; Whirlind is actually Whirlind. That's a direct copyright violation for a change.

    MEME 6:

    Player 1: I will do math and use Powerbeam on you.

    Player 2:

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    WAM Scores

    November 16, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    Dear users:

    I had a promise to speak about WAM Scores, so here you go...we need to up our game. First of all, WAM is the wiki measurement of new progress, and the top 1,000 wikis will soon be able to participate in the Video Event. Basically, the top 1,000 is a road through obstacles and tough leaderboards. Anyways, we SHOULD care about this important event that happens very. Very rarely. I suspect that if we reach past the WAM or the other prodigy wiki, and of some other wikis I also participate in, we can do it!

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  • Waye26


    November 13, 2017 by Waye26

    On the Chill&Char page someone ( not saying names ) added a photo for the info box but it was not very good. They also deleted All images in gallery. And please, please don't make up your own in game description. I checked and the description was WRONG. I'm trying to undo it but I just really can't.

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    "The Fishes" Trial

    November 12, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    I am the judge, call me "your honor". This is a trial to test the multiple convicts, all under the name of "Fish", not completely starting with fish, the "fish" is in their names. Note that these are all just one person (maybe), and this should not be commented about.

    Whether you like it or not, you may be part of the jury, a convict, or a witness (witnesses must've been shown to be part of the action, or at least seeing it). Much apologies if I didn't address you by your nickname(s), this is formal.

    • Me

    • Glaciersong
    • FlareonIsAwesome13
    • Waye26
    • Ironlightning
    • Cooler88986
    • Yumms567
    • MammothsPotato
    • Peanutsbutter
    • Fish18893

    • "The Fishes":
      • MrFish23 (banned)
      • Fish1009 (guilty)
      • MrFish98 (innocent-ish)
      • Fish18853 (unknown)

    • Waye26
    • FlareonIsAwesome13

    Charges that may affect all…

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  • Glaciersong


    November 12, 2017 by Glaciersong

    This is going to be my first serious blog post. Not that anyone cares, but whatever. Sooo... I started to notice that people had different opinions on categories. So which categories should we use?

    I was thinking we should use...

    • Pets
    • [Element} Pets
    • Evolutions (if needed)

    Categories we shouldn't use

    • Each and Every Pet (it's just a copy of pets)
    • Any monsters (also a copy of pets)
    • Any spells (they are not related to pets)
    • [Element] (they're just a copy of [Element] Pets)

    • Items
    • Eqipument
    • Wands/Hats/Whatever
    • Member-Only/Non-member
    • Merchant (if needed)

    Comment for any suggestions or disagreements!

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  • NightslashWarrior

    Hoi there

    November 10, 2017 by NightslashWarrior

    Hi everyone! This is Nightslash, Deputy of Shadowclan. I've come to spread wonderful things about a "website" called "prodigy". Us cats usually don't have internet access, but... let's not get into that. Let me introduce my prodigy team!

    Fire type: Tyscout (lvl 33)

    Water type: Aquaster (lvl 28)

    Earth type: Clip Clop (lvl 18)

    Storm type: Lumiot (lvl 17)

    Ice type: Articlaw (lvl 1)

    Wizard: Captain Ashleybeard (lvl 48)

    See ya!

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  • Mammoths Potatoe


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  • FlareonIsAwesome13

    Hi everyone its FlareonIsAwesome13 here.

    There has been a hacker called Mrfish23 who sweared said mean stuff about people. We now know that is user was Waye26 operating that account along with Mrfish98 and Yumms. This wiki is a kid friendly wiki and they come here everyday so please keep it safe and healthy wiki.

    Also there has been a user called Yerannat who put nonsence on the page that said "This page has been taken over by aliens."

    Everyone, if you see someone swearing, doing mean stuff to people and putting nonsence on page, give them a dire warning to change. Admins, if they don't change block that user 

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Image Licences

    November 4, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    Important News:

    No matter what caption under any image states, all of the images that I have created and added are officially mine, and permission is REQUIRED to alter or move the images. My reason is that there have been instances where people have altered my things without the right judgement, and have altered other peoples' things as well...that turned innapropriate. Also, people have started glitching the wiki and moved images around to where they should not have, so for the protection of my images, you must ask permission to use them, or to move them.

    The time this goes into action is 12:00 Noon Eastern Time, or 4:00 PM Universal Time. Any previous movements of my images are okay, but don't be offended if I hunt you down for them, as I …

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  • Mammoths Potatoe

    Paium Evolved

    November 2, 2017 by Mammoths Potatoe

    My Arcticlaw just evolved into a Frostfang!!! :3

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  • Mammoths Potatoe


    November 2, 2017 by Mammoths Potatoe

    Hello, I am Mammoth's Potatoe!

    I love Prodigy and I joined this wiki to read comments, seek information, and correct false information.

    My Prodigy is Captain Ruby ( Ruby Metalgirl ) and I'm always in the server Flexor. You will find me in Lamplight Town or Dyno Dig Oasis or the Collesium. My team is an Arcticlaw named Paium, a Luminite named Wiier, a Tyscout, and a Snoots, I'm trying to evolve all of them. So, now that ya'll know about my Prodigy let me know about ya'll's! 


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  • Waye26

    Reasons to ruin mrfish

    November 1, 2017 by Waye26

    1. He swears. 2. He is mean. 3. He makes unnecessary edits. 4. He edits people's profiles. Comment more reasons or ban him to finish it all!

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  • Mrfish23


    October 31, 2017 by Mrfish23

    He's got the water jam!

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  • Ironlightning

    A New Bureaucrat

    October 30, 2017 by Ironlightning

    Ok guys. Shizuekena hasn't been on for a long time. We need someone to promote good people to admin. Who should be admin? We should keep discussing this until we have a final decision with everyone having a say, then we will have them try and adopt the wiki. Thanks!

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  • Scøurge

    The Dark Tower

    October 29, 2017 by Scøurge

    Hi there! Crios here, and I was wondering if any of you have any tips on defeating the dark tower, I am currently stuck on lvl 80 (It's soo insane, i'm fighting with lvl 50 pets and a lvl 76 wizard) Any tips on beating it? I'm trying to get Mira's gear because, who wouldn't want it? Lemme know if you have any tips and tricks to beating this tower of endless suffering a rage!

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    The Lich

    October 21, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu


    Did any of you see a Lich, at all? If you do, REPORT IT!!! Liches are very evil.

    A Lich, or Liche, is a real wizard (mage) that has wanted infinite life and knowledge. They sealed their soul and mind into a leather case or something and have transformed into all-powerful skeletons in tattered wizard robes that have staffs of power. THESE GUYS ARE REAL, AND I ACTUALLY SAW MANY OF THEM! Help me...

    Good Lore, Right?

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear Readers,

       This is an update to the Category Clog blog post some time back, and I have some new plans (not set in stone yet) for the project. However, this will only list the categories I hope to add. Read the descriptions, and see how you like them! Please leave comments below, I greatly appreciate them :)

    I would like to sort pets based on how they look...and if the sprites look about the same (like Mystile matching up with Mystyyk and Mystember), they will be sorted into a new category, based on the group as a whole. About the looks - say you group up all five neeks? You put them into the "neeks" category. Say you group up all neeks, callers, creators, and their categories? That's what gets you a cateplex (category-plex, like googol…

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  • Cooler88986

    new update

    October 20, 2017 by Cooler88986

    can some one tell me about the nov festival

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  • Glaciersong

    }}} | image = }|}} | caption = } | headerstyle = background:#FF69B4 | headern = Fixed section name | label1 = | data1 = | header2 = | label2 = | data2 = ... | header20 = | label20 = | data20 = }}
    Glaciersong (talk) 05:26, October 14, 2017 (UTC)
    Do you know how to wikitext?
    I know you read this
    This is small caps

    Just wondering,

    How does this blockquote work? Seriously, I can't get it right.

    I made
    a table!
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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear Users Of The Wiki,

     So much has been going on in the past few months/weeks, and more stuff is going to be added, deleted, altered, changed, and "metamorphosis" for the whole wiki. This is a must-read, so please take the time to look:

    I want to congratulate everyone from the wiki for makign some high-quality edits, competition, and an aura (mood for an area) bustling with happiness! I have some major shout-outs for everyone:

    • Congratulations, FlareonIsAwesome13 (Angelina) for you Moderator Promotion! You've done a lot of good things for us this month.
    • Congratulations, Glaciersong (Icy Warrior) for your 3rd place ranking in the Achievements. You've rose the ranking quickly, and you might consider a promotion in the near future!
    • Totally Cookie…

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  • Memz VX

    Prodigy Down Right Now?

    October 7, 2017 by Memz VX

    Prodigy seems to be down right now, I think they are updating because I can't get in, I have full internet connection too.

    So just hangout somewhere else while we wait. :)

    October 7th, 2017

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  • Memz VX

    Pets? Monsters? Whatever you call them. Post down in the comments your favorite pet/monster!




    last but not least...


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Resume for Admin

    October 6, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    Dear Admins and Bureaucrats,

    I have been gently nudged towards this opportunity, and I saw its perks for me...and for the wiki.

    Note to all: You can choose and vote amongst yourselves, but users can vote as well, in the comments. "Yes" or "No" are the options, and please state why. However, I will not respond to them (because it is an election). Even though you regular users can vote, the true staff decide it.

    My pros:

    • I am working on various projects that will help our wiki. If you have read this, you know that I am working to clean the wiki up. I also will smash as many redirects (I save them now) as I can, because those only lead to more less trouble.
    • With my current staff rights, I patrol the articles to blank out comments on pages with too m…

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  • Waye26

    Cool pets

    October 4, 2017 by Waye26

    Hi guys this is a TEST. I am trying to find the most popular pet in prodigy and the average level of wizards. Only put comments that have to do with this.

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  • UmbreonKii

    the suffer

    September 27, 2017 by UmbreonKii

    ouchie i got a splinter on my foot.

    i had to pull the piece of wood out with tweezers, double ouchie.

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear users reading,

    If you actually take the time to play Prodigy, there is a new update that came out. Here are some updates that happened this past few months:

    • Shipwrech Shore replaced Barnacle Cove, so that's dead.
      • Captain Eve now resides here, and she renamed herself "Eve".
      • Ivory Trip Trops are catchable near or on the Secluded Shore, and were deleted/glitched, but came back!
      • Four Aquariots are catchable through Questing.
      • Fishbol is catchable in a few places, and were originally only buyable in Clockwork Town.
      • The Barnacle Gem or Water Gem is now obtainable as the Shipwrech Gem.
      • More Potions are put in chests (spoiloileralert!)
    • The Lost Island is a new area as well. The Floatlings inhabit this place.
      • Creatures in The Lost Island are either Ivory…

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  • Rbaer

    NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!

    September 7, 2017 by Rbaer

    there is a new update that just came out today!

    please dont post stuff about it untill you beat the new area

    THANKS!!! :D

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  • Totally Cookie

    A week ago, I found out, we look like.... different...

    Explain in comment section how we look. Why did it change?

    Anyway, thanks for reading!

    - Totally Cookie


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Category Clog!!!

    August 25, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

    I recently had another "New Idea!" that proves the wiki will get better...deleting Categories from Articles. I know this may slow down your Planner Badge progress, but it will help get rid of spam.

    I worked somewhat hard to squash down a couple categories...I deleted the Area cetegory for good because there was already the Areas category. I deleted a couple tiny and useless ones, like Magic spells and Astral spells, because there was already Astral Spells. I'm going to gather a team to help squash down those useless categories, so if you see a tiny helpless one with like, one or two articles, please get rid of it...MERCILESSLY.

    You can help with this by pointing out a copy, like "There's both Magic spells and Astral Spells! Which one should …

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Look at this: the graphics are horrible:

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear Readers, 

       I have some ideas, and they might interest you. Following from some other Blog(s) I created, I also have more...

    • Tiny Sprites! Like Pokemon, Prodigy Pets have tinier I'll show you as I create Prodigy's Tiny World!
    • Fan Fiction! I create Fanfiction, currently about Pokemon (BIG fan), but I could make a prodigy one too.

    I'm sorry, I don't know how I do this anymore. Bye.

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear Readers,

    I feel like this Wiki is falling apart...the rest of the staff aren't visiting often. I'm starting to worry that this Fandom is redding itself of everything. Since the staff are all away, and I have no rights but a Discussions and Chat Mod, we have NO hope. Anyways, here are some things that we can work on:

    • relevant Blog Posts
    • The HELP list (article stubs, candidates 4 deletion, etc.)
    • bringing more editors in (grab all your fellow prodigy members that want to be a Wiki Member)

    Those are just some of the few things we can do, but we can't really revive this Wiki all thet much without the staff. Let's bring them back!

    Your Mod,


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  • PhoenieTheWizard

    Hi there, PhoeniTheWizard speaking. Now listen has anyone here on this wiki seen a hooded dude with a symbol on its chest? If you have, comment.

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