• PandaWasPurple


    Anyone that needs a Prodigy membership may join the giveaway! Here's the link:

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  • The Shadow of Prodigy

    Lots of people don't have the Trialmaster's set.  What do you think about the Trialmaster's set?

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  • FlareonIsAwesome13


    December 13, 2018 by FlareonIsAwesome13

    If you guys were wondering, my discord user is no longer bucko_chimpanzee but NoticeMeX_X

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  • Americanidiottrumpy


    December 12, 2018 by Americanidiottrumpy

    good news a new update you will be able to get the astral stone and discover the secrets of the lost island

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  • Luminex175

    Merry Christmas!

    December 11, 2018 by Luminex175

    I would like to wish you all an early merry Chritmas. I'm also trying to buy all the nm things in Winterfest, because otherwise I'd have to wait another whole year. Is anyone else doing the same?

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  • PokemonUser37

    Christmas Word Guess!

    December 11, 2018 by PokemonUser37

    Here is the word you need to guess.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Here are the clues:

    • No punctuation
    • Topic: Event
    • No letters "I" and "J"


    • ONE Guess! No edits!
    • No bribary for answer!
    • No request for hints!
    • Comment the answer!


    A special christmas signature!!

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  • Vineqeen


    December 9, 2018 by Vineqeen

    I loved vineqeen she a elf?

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  • Sonic the Prodigy Hedgehog

    Okay. Lots of things in Prodigy are happening next year. Also, we need to know what happens next year. 

    • 1. Behind the lock in the academy will be another adventure(exploration)
    • 2. There is a possibility of a 6th gem as an astrial, or shadow gem(meaning another exploration possible)
    • 3. There could be a possible last battle with the puppet master
    • 4. More morph marbles could be added
    • 5. As seen in the academy, the gems would be put on the pedestools
    • 6. In the Lost Island would take place for an adventure(exploration)
    • 7. In Lamplight Town in History District(north east of town square), the 2 stores would open 

    These are the theories that could happen next year. There might be more soon. Most of the 7 theories could happen next year. 

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  • Princess of the Shadows

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I will not be "Super Nova" in Prodigy anymore. I decided a while ago that I will be changing my avatar drastically every five levels that I go up. Right now, i have a "Frost Saber" theme going on. When I reach level 95, I will have the "Black Fang" theme. When I reach level 100, I will be Mira Shade, and my name will change to Aria Stormchaser. Bye for now!!

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  • Princess of the Shadows

    Hello everybody! I am a new FANDOM user and I am now going to be editing lots of pages! Just so you can know me a little better, here is some stuff about me.

    • I love cats
    • My username on Prodigy is Super Nova (like the spell)
    • I usually play on Beastcore, Landlion, Cloudheart, Cloudpuff, or Crystahl
    • I draw anime
    • I am super close to beating the Dark Tower
    • I am a member
    • I edit stuff on here

    Bye for now!

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  • FlareonIsAwesome13

    Even though, it is early, I still want ot say an early Christmas and a Happy New Yaer to all the users on this wiki! My birthday is also on the same day as Christmas! 

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  • Sonic the Prodigy Hedgehog

    There is a new update avaible! Very similar to last year's cristmas update. Check it out!

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear readers,

    It appears through out poll that after I got some anonymous votes from the front page, we are going to commence Project Spellbound, now. Although polls aren't all that trustworthy, I think the only people that'd actually come to the wiki should be.

    The vote was taken at 26/6 score, therefore about 81.25% are in approval while the rest are in disapproval, six people. OOF, I hope only the peope who were just haters didn't want it yet...

    It appears that I also need permission from other staff members for it to become official. A contract will be posted below, Glaciersong and FlareonIsAwesome13 will have to sign it for the project to be put into action.

    With the three admin signtaures below, we sign into power of Project Spellbound …

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    New Update

    November 30, 2018 by FourSevensRiolu

    Hello people,

    Today we have been welcomed with a Nickname update. Please check out all new nicknames to obtain. Also - Sir Vey finally asks us the question - one and one only - do you play the game at home. I hope this helps as a quick reminder that there's a new update for nicknames as well as for "blanding." I hope you enjoy the rest of the year with new updates available.


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello peoples.

    I have a few needs for the wiki, even though they probably are already complete without my notice. I need a lot of people who now how to make GIFs and a lot of people who know how to make images transparent. This is due to the lack of quality images and GIFs we have. Shout out to all of the people I've spoken to that posted gifs and made transparent images already on the wiki, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Taking a look at some pages, there's a lot of them with either no images or unsatisfactory images. If anyone can assist me, please try to upload some images to needy pages at the very least. We have over fifty pages without images at all, mostly equipment and arena wizard articles. All I ask is that we don't fret about the arena wizard…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving from America! I hope you enjoy celebrating the autumnal theme in the northern hemisphere and the growing beauty of the outside world in the Spring (southern hemisphere).

    I also have a few pieces of news to share, I'm going to make them bried yet exciting so you can get on with your lives...

    1. The new spell pages have to be created soon. I really need them made by the end of the month now. If not, we'll always have them as insights forever! If the other staff members agree, we'll start them ASAP with an incoming manual of style for them specifically.
    2. My sister (Totally Cookie/Sylvie Sylveon) might be returning. I'm not saying it's definite, but if I unblock her, she would try her best to help the wiki and fo…
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  • FourSevensRiolu

    hello people. I'm getting really annoyed right now. I feel so sorry for whoever is suffering in the way I'm doing now. It's Thanksgiving Eve in the United States and there's nothing, absolutely nothing about the game design to be thankful for anymore besides the possibilities to add fun glitches to them becoming easier like hacking in different appearances and game mods - because guess what? My theory is that Prodigy is getting less detailed in their art and game design than ever before. 

    1. They took away our awesomer, gacha-styled faces and wizard appearances. However, they KEPT MIRA the same. THEY KEPT THE GACHA EYES OF THE PETS THE SAME. WHAT NOW!
    2. They altered the appearance and scrapped some highly-detailed and beautiful monsters and their …

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello peoples, it's been a long time and now we really need to get to work and need to take action on three helpful wiki-building projects. If we can't get these started by January 2019, our wiki might be doomed - and permanently. Since the updates from Spetember to November of this year, we're really suffering more and more damage to the reason why our community exists with each day we don't do anything about the Earth element changing into the Plant element, Pumpkinfest, the end of Pumpkinfest, all of the wizard badges, all concepts learned for students in-game, etc. Did I forget the most important and difficult prototype for the biggest project in which I unofficially named Project Spellbound. GREAT!

    • Description of all of the Projects I …

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  • FourSevensRiolu


    The "Big Purple Lock" as everyone here names it is pretty odd and has been a large feature recently added. However, there are small details you may not have noticed about this topic that drives me crazy. The answer to "breaking the lock" is right under our Prodigy's dots for noses.

    This lock is indeed purposed for the developers to hide us from what is really upstairs of it. There are many theories of what is behind it, but obviously it would contribute to the development of Prodigy's upcoming plot. I'm not here to make up a theory about what is behind it, instead how it can be unlocked.

    1 - The Lock is not traditionally connected to the chains.…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear readers, the title: it was clickbait (partially). I have some mixed issues to talk about on this wiki.

    • There are six-to-seven policy-category pages and they seem to all be pretty small. I wish to have them combined, making it easier to keep them together. I hope to get some comments about if they should/shouldn't be combined.
    • There have been recent rumor of a key being obtained in the Academy archives. I don't see it, I can't understand if it exists for not. Please refrain from rumors like this for now unless you have visual proof.
    • THEORIES, WHAT YOU CAME FOR! I'm keeping this brief, because i don't have enough time to do so as I have a lot of business to attend to on other wikis I govern.
      • The original Air element and Earth element were c…
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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello peoples! I know it's been a while, and a few updates have been made for Toys, Students, Parents, and Teachers alike - well, I have a challenge to bring other than our projects (sorry it's taking a long time, but I have quite a lot of things to work on with this wiki first). Introducing the recent Prodigy Champions Club, a way for teachers to make their students better at mathematics and get exclusive looks into the future updates, getting free memberships, and more. I'm sorry that I have no images or videos to bring up about this, but I do have a little incentive...

    So, what it is (is) that I have my own class called the "Wiki Editing Course" with the class code of 32E917. Yes, join now if you aren't using an education-only account. M…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I also want to hear your opinions in the comments below about how you feel about is Project Spellbound existed (more information can be seen on my previous blog(s) somewhere). I have a premade Manual Of Style, but if anyone has suggestions, please add them below.

    Here's the image of the plan:

    Here's the plan in regular text form:

    {Category Order: Spells, {element of spell, capitalized}}

    {Appearance of Spell}

    {square-bullet list of all pets, ALWAYS EXCLUDING THE WIZARD, in which can learn the spell}

    {If the spell is the weakest of its element, type, "This spell is the weakest of its element." If the spell is the second-weakest of its element, type, "This spell is the second weakest of its element." If the spell is the third-weakest of its element…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello peoples! I'm starting a few theory blogs called Riolu's Rants and I hope you like it. All have some research to logically explain the "magic" behind what you see iin prodigy's in-game features. Today I present you with the Power Orb. One of the best of the wands, obtained with hard-earned gold and bounty points. But oh - you see that it is more famous that that! The Marshes is a name of a server with it as its icon. But why? Why does it even have a pulsating glowing green flame inside? Dawhat?

    Simple theory, in fact. What questions can I ask that you can say yes to...let's see...

    Is lightning plasma? Yes.

    Is fire plasma? Yes.

    What is the tesla's death ray? Yes, the power orb but with lightning.

    What makes green fire? Yes, copper infused f…

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  • Eveemasterpro


    October 12, 2018 by Eveemasterpro

    Tonight I will take pictures and map out every single zone and put them together in a collage and post them in a post wish me luck:)

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  • Eveemasterpro

    The plot thickens

    October 11, 2018 by Eveemasterpro

    Here are some pictures of something new in the academy

    Gale is trying to make a key!

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  • GAK16

    I'm back for more theory!

    October 10, 2018 by GAK16

    Hey guys!

    As you may remember from my last blog post, I posted a lot of shadow theory on what is behind that big atrocious purple lock, whether there is a shadow or astral keystone or neither, maybe a 6th warden and more... the real shady of Dark Tower. Now, I'm back to continue on that Dark Tower plot and also to talk about what if there was a Astral Warden, not shadow??? Anyways, let's get to it! ==NOTE: BEFORE YOU  READ THIS

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  • DoorenDoo

    My fan made update

    October 8, 2018 by DoorenDoo

    I will not draw all the characters (I have microsoft paint)

    After colecting all gems........


    Noot:Woah whats that?!

    Noot:Woah! Ahhhh!

    You see a black screen for 9 seconds

    Noot:Where are we now?

    Slurpy:Hi wizard sidekick!

    Noot: Hey Slurpy! One question where are we?

    Hex(old wizard man): Perhaps I know.

    Noot: who are you?

    Hex:I'm Hex I'll t-

    Tummy grumble

    Hex: I need food though!...

    Slurpy:Wait! I have food!

    Hex: Oh goodie! Well I don't know where it is so....

    Noot:So wha-

    Hex:Technolagy(I spell wrong i think)

    Job Complete

    Hex:Amazing work fella!

    Hex: Well this is an island colision. Happens when the power of the stones is over the top! Thats pretty much what has happened. We need the Puppet Master. 


    Hex:What I'm sayin…

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  • Luna.yang08

    "OMG WTH WHY IS THERE A WEIRD PURPLE LOCK THERE" would probably be the first thing that you said when you saw that




    bizarre lock that closed the entrance to the real part of the academy and leaving us dumbfounded and confused. (like i said, prodigy does do a excellent job leaving us kids in the dark) The seal from seeing the puppet master. I would sit there (unlike many of you, I presume) and say these wise words:


    and most importantly,


    scraping sound

    okkkk you never saw a thing but anyways I was wondering what was in store for us, and what plans the puppet master has been making. what is the order of …

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  • Warp123

    Wishy-Smishy stuffy~

    October 3, 2018 by Warp123

    I make your wildest dreams come true!

    No I don't XD

    Welcome! Jirachi be my name! Welcome to Wishally! Where me makes beautiful jewelery for you! :3

    (to be edited in due time)

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  • GAK16

    Theory Time.....

    October 3, 2018 by GAK16

    Hello again everyone! GAK16 here again and we are here today to discuss so PRODIGY THEORY!!! Let's get to it!

    As you may have noticed, the academy has recently been released, but there is only one thing to do right now, so here's my interpretation of what's going on and what the DaP (Developers at Prodigy) are doing.

    1. Something with the Lost Island

    When the Lost Island was first released, many people were excited since they thought they would find the final warden. However, it turned out nothing happened but really cool monsters you can't catch. So, about 2 years ago when the island was first released, Swoopy gave a message saying "Puppet Master's goons destroyed our village! Help us collect more wood as you journey will begin later this ye…

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  • NyteWitch

    I got to level 100!

    September 29, 2018 by NyteWitch

    so yeah I got to level 100 and it reminded me conjure cubes were a thing but then it also reminded me that they introduced them when I was at level 76 and I missed out on so many conjure cubes and I'll never get another one so I'm kinda sad but hey! level 100 finally!

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I have one more quick poll to bring up. It's going to be way too much trouble t figure out what spells each out of all roughly 150 pets/monster species we have and seeing which levels they evolve their spells, so I have one question to ask that requires fifty votes before a motion passes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer, as this will change the manual of style significantly.

    If we will eventually decide to take upon keeping movesets on all pet articles, I have a project plant (basic) to provide here below. I will keep it and add upon it, making a final proposition of the project if the fellow staff members agree. In addition, remember that we might not even agree on keeping the movesets, so this is only a prototype.

    Problem and Description: We m…

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  • Eveemasterpro

    Random academy pics

    September 28, 2018 by Eveemasterpro
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  • LCatkidl

    1.) When you log out sometimes it doesn't save your progress.

    2.) Logging in with google doesn't save any progress.

    1.) Map extension(s).

    2.) Less Member only content

    (Feel Free To add Up dates an Glitches)

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Dear all users from the community, this is a very important topic I'd like to address about out current staff members. As we probably all know, we have a founder that did barely anything to help us, Reflectivity, and an inactive-for-a-year-and-missing-the-academy-updates Bureaucrat names Shizuekana. There was also an early avid contributor, ElementOfLaughter, and an inactive demoted moderator, EleMental-something=-or-other (I forgot his full username). I remember CrunchyPebble, a helper, and more. What have those people been doing? You guessed it - quitted, inactive. I have a few polls to address about this too, and they are serious as well as for feedback. Please remember to vote ASAP, I need everyone's viewpoints!

    I hope you enjoy! Have s…

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  • Glaciersong


    September 23, 2018 by Glaciersong

    Prodigy has had many new updates that are impossible to catch up on :')

    • Earth element has turned into Plant element.
    • The Academy is now open.
    • Design and style changes.
    • Completely different spell changes.

    Did I miss any? Please help us in improving our wiki~

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello readers, do you know da wae of the archives? At least it's possible! Introducing the craziest updates to ever have happened - September 13 Update and the Academy Update!

    This wiki has just been messed up completely by the latest two updates. I'm recieving thousands of queries about how to get into the Academy, how difficult it is to do everything now, and the TERRIBLE HAVOC-WREAKING UPDATE FROM A FEW DAYS AGO ABOUT BATTLING! Excuse me for that, but ummm...yeah. Now we need to fix even more than we already had to. I need followers and friends of friends of friends, even, to join our wiki. There are three main things we must fix:

    • Fix the academy page and make it better than it was. I'm already working on that.
    • Conform the wiki to the Sept…
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  • NyteWitch


    oh my god i've been waiting for over 2 years prodigy 

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4 (Items):

    "testers" just refers to the random people Prodigy chooses to test these things. For example, my main account doesn't have this, but my brother was on…

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  • StarRiser248


    September 17, 2018 by StarRiser248

    I just realized that there's a big update on spells.

    And it's not a good thing, becuase guess what?

    WE HAVE TO UDPATE ALL THE SPELL INFOS AGAIN! FROM ALL THE PETS!!! (sorry for the screaming. It's just...)

    How are we ever supposed to do that? :/

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  • Bluecake789aj

    Wait a minute?!

    September 17, 2018 by Bluecake789aj

    Hi guys, just a question:

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  • Luna.yang08

    My theories on the wardens

    September 15, 2018 by Luna.yang08

    you know how the warden keystones were scattered around the island? And then these random master wizards just show up, waiting at the entrance. and then when you finish the quest they just GIVE you the keystone, like kaboom, and so suddenly without warning, with no explaination. So good job making kids confused, prodigy. but how did these masters just obtain the gem? noot said that the puppet master SCATTERED the gems, he didn't GIVE these random people the gems. they set you these quests, to see if you were worthy.

    but why?

    one of FourSevensRiolu's (she helped a lot) recent blog posts states that she has found one of prodigy's old intros. And it explained a lot. in the old intro (, the wardens wer…

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  • Navybluechilipeppers

    I’m back!

    September 9, 2018 by Navybluechilipeppers

    I had to write this twice cause my wifi gave out... anyways, Hi! I’m navy, if you don’t know who I am, you have good reason! I hope blog posts aren’t supposed to be staff only. Oof! Anyways, I’m back from my 5 month hibernation! Nice to meet you guys again. I’ve fallen back on the leader board, so I better fix that. Thanks for reading this silly little blog post, have fun editing!

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello readers! Due to the latest updates I've been watching (THERE HASN'T BEEN ANY THIS SUMMER AT ALL), I have a few quick yet complex theories I'm working on about the Academy. Relax, people. It's probably going to be the biggest ever thing in Prodigy everyone's excited about.  It'll DEFINTELY be difficult to get into. Here's a few ideas and theories I have about what the developers are doing.

    There have been many, MANY updates before that article. Some things that the developers are trying to do before the Academy's release:

    • Update all of the elemental areas. They completed about all of them.
    • Improve the Arena. Maybe - the only real good thing about it is to promote more and more growing competitiveness and new buddies. The equipment they g…

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  • GAK16

    Hello everyone! As you can see, I recently posted a blog entry here. Now, after what seems like success, I want to know if you want more! I can add new categories, and I will have the latest wiki, in-game, and discord news since the new server is coming soon and I'm releasing teasers. Please answer the polls below. 



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  • GAK16

    TEASER 2!!!

    September 6, 2018 by GAK16

    New server confirmed!

    Teaser 2 found!

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  • GAK16

    Hello! (I'm back!)

    September 5, 2018 by GAK16

    Hello everyone! This is GAK16 with some news.

    Contents of this post:

    1. I'm Back!
    2. Discord is up!
    3. Coming soon...
    4. Theories
    5. First Sneak Peak of new Discord Server

    After I left the wiki for a while and apparently got banned for creating a new page even though I was unaware that it was against the rules to create new pages, I became a Bureaucrat of the Stick Empires Fan Story Wiki and created a discord server for that wiki. Checking on a possible bug in Prodigy, I noticed on the front page that nobody had created a Discord server after 2 years of waiting. So, after checking in with FlareonIsAwesome13, I was given rights to create an official Prodigy Wiki Discord server. Anyways, I'm back only to help with Discord really, not the actual wiki. But still, a…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hi, I was wondering if we could spruce up the style of our tophat templates a bit with - icons! Many other wikis are known for doing this, like adding a whale to the stub template or adding a key to a "locked page" template. There's currently a few of these tophats that need them, some for:

    • stubs
    • marked for deletion
    • media on the article that need changing
    • media on the article that needs to be added
    • start of a spoiler section
    • end of a spoiler section

    These are the only five I know of, and they each have something they really need - like a small image of a pet corresponding to the colors of the dotted outline. Stubs are currently gray, adding-media is currently black, changing-media is currently green, and the two spoilers are currently red. We cou…

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  • BlazePhase1020


    September 4, 2018 by BlazePhase1020

    Any questions about prodigy math? I can help you just message me at my message wall :D

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hi again! I'm actually finally going to start blogging about prodigy and not the wiki (YAAAAY)! SO, TODAY I'm going to do it on the statistics of three major groups (contains seven minor groups) of prodigy monster species; the Unicorns, Gargoyles (infant gargoyles, wingless gargoyles, and adult gagroyles), and Elves (Neeks, Callers, & Creators). 

    These are the great pets (mostly ones you can just purchase on a whim at the local Merchant), a trio of mysthical species that were classified originally as "Unicorns." Be surprised: THEY AREN'T ALL UNICORNS!!! Technically speaking, the three members of this group, Mystile, Mystyyk, and Mystember aren't all unicorns. Mystyyk is the only monster in this trio to be at least a Unicorn in likeness! Bel…

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Hello everyone! Today I'm here to give you some more information and options you will eventually an possibly have over the Warden Keystones - Elemental Gems - just the "wardens" - whatever you call it. I have some new info, polls, and ideas to bring to you!

    I have just gained (recently) a lot of knowledge on gemology and geology (no thank you to the local community college that did not offer teen gemology/geology Summer camp courses this year, >:

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