• Genesis magiceyes

    Prodigy is one of my fav games.Because of Prodigy,I started hating Star Wars.I hope you enjoy Prodigy!

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  • The Great Laggi


    June 4, 2017 by The Great Laggi


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  • Toontastic


    May 23, 2017 by Toontastic

    the reason why i was off for some days was because a little glitch that made my cursor not click stuff and such. sorry about that!

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  • FourSevensRiolu

       If you visit the "Nebluff" page, I've been noticing erratic posts with swear words, overused exclamation points on comments, and a bad meme edited onto the page, which I deleted recently. I would ask if the admins and other users with the title "comment moderator", or any moderator would watch closely at how the lower-teir users are acting on the "Nebluff" page. Thank you for reading.

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  • Scorpion the Savage SandWing

    Hey guys! This is so you can Apply for the the Staff Rights as a Content Moderator.

    • Please fill this out in the comments! All you have to do is copy&paste this form in the comment and answer the questions in it, okay?

    What is your Username?:

    How many Edits have you made so far?

    How many days/months have you been contributing to this Wiki?:

    On a scale of 1-10 how Active are you?:  (one being never active and ten being every single day)

    When was your last Contribution?

    What number Rank are you on this wiki?

    Do you already have any Staff Rights?

    Do you promise to not overuse your Power?

    • You must have at least 150+ Edits!
    • Do not get sad if you don't get the Rights, you can try again later!
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  • FourSevensRiolu

     Hello again! I'm here to start my quest editing Fandom Wiki pages as a minijob! readers, I also realize that there are a large shortage of admins here on these fandom wiki pages. So, readers, please start asking to nominate great wiki editors to be admins. I also realize that there are many more fake facts on these pages than I realized, so we need to help these pages with all we got! 

     So, readers, lets all synergize together to "reform and rewrite" all of wiki! Please, admins, can you nominate me for a new admin?

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    My Debut

    May 10, 2017 by FourSevensRiolu

       Hello! I'm FourSevensRiolu (aka E. Strongrunner, yet my third persona, which is shorter, is Northwind). I'm new here, yet I've got the hang of these many wikis! I just want you to know that'll be starting to synergize with others to delete the many phony, or fake facts on wikis. If you would want to join me, please take the time to help the fandom wikis and delete nasty opinions on page comments (please save those for blogs), replace fake facts with up-to-date ones, and edit as much as you can!

       And just so you know, I'm not a high-level wiki editor, and I'm not a helper of the "wiki police". I'm just here to give my facts and opinions on certain wikis, and I hope to help wikis give relevant facts for their pages. I hope you readers wi…

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  • Noaboboe

    catching pets

    May 2, 2017 by Noaboboe

    if you want to catch a pet you have to pay 500 coins. If you miss then you cannot catch it in that battle. But if you are a member, then you get a second catch chance. The pets that you catch will not be the ones that follow you around. They will be the ones you battle with. If you see a pet at a high level, the spinner will go faster. (well if you try to catch it

     288 coins is not enough.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    This is where you add your fan-made ideas.

    Post in comments!

    Selkmaid: A mermaid monster

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  • Toontastic


    April 29, 2017 by Toontastic

    how many pets do you have? and also can you collect all of the pets ( evo included ).

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  • Scorpion the Savage SandWing

    I have made a Category called "Candidates for speedy deletion." It is very similar to the "Candidates for deletion" Cetegory. If you feel an Article needs to be deleted, add this Category to it. BUTTTT, it is deleted even quicker than normal. Articles in this Category are first priority to delete.

    • Remember, only Admins/Bureaucrats can actually delete Articles.
    • If an Article has been on the "Candidates for deletion" Category for at least 2 week, then please add it for Speedy Deletion.
    • If an Article has been on the "Article Stub" Category for at least 5 weeks, then please add it for Speedy Deletion.
    • If an Article has been Categorized for Speedy Deletion for at least 1 week please notify Staff.
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  • Scorpion the Savage SandWing

    Help Me Make Our Wiki Better!


    • Delete any Categories that don't fit into the Article it's on.
    • Add Article Stub to anything that seems unfinished, useless, needs fixing, or could use deletion.
    • When an Article has been an Article Stub for a while or could use deletion, add the Category Candidates for deletion.
    • If an Article has been a Candidate for deletion for a while or needs to be deleted quickly, add Candidates for speedy deletion.
    • "Item" and "Things" should not be Categories, that's what the Category Items is for.


    Article Editing

    • Always edit Articles that seem "Unfinished" or  "Stub Worthy."
    • Tr…

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  • Yumms567


    April 17, 2017 by Yumms567

    Prodigy is fun.

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  • Toontastic

    2 prodigy wikis?

    April 7, 2017 by Toontastic

    there are 2 prodigy wikis this one and the other one. which one is better or anything?

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  • ProdigyLover13

    People they are little kids on this wikia that are trying to find help on prodigy and they probably read the comments and there's a lot of cussing going on. Please think about what you put before you type it. What kind of role models are you if you are constantly cussing in the comments?

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  • EleMental1379

    Deletion Of Pages

    March 11, 2017 by EleMental1379

    Someone has started a Category called "Candidates for Deletion".

    Articles or pages in this category are requested to be deleted (Only Admins can delete pages so I cannot).

    There are also some cloned Catagory pages such as "Ice Pets" and "Ice pets" or 'Fire pets' and "Fire Pets"

    I find most of these pages that are spam and not in categorys by clicking "random page".

    I have moved spam into the "Candidates for Deletion" category.

    Please Delete Some of these unnecessary pages.

    Thank You.

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  • DestinyFlight


    March 10, 2017 by DestinyFlight

    Hi! My name is DestinyFlight and I am a member of this wikia. Keep an eye out for me, Brooke Oceancast (aka Captain Brooke) on those Prodigy worlds! P.S. I love to go on Raidsong and usally wear Black fang armor and my wand is a power orb. Love to hang out in the town square.

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  • CrunchyPebble


    March 2, 2017 by CrunchyPebble

    Just testing this feature =)

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  • FireFlows

    Delete Spam Squad!

    February 20, 2017 by FireFlows

    Hello. The Delete Spam Squad is an organization helping to clean up spam from this wiki. There is no leader or co-leader, and only one can be apart of it. Just ask in the comments below and I'll add you to the list.

    Guys, we need the option to make everyone have to log in. There are Wikians saying cuss words down in the comments, and they're mostly coming from the not logged in A Fandom User accounts.



    a lot more lel

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  • Joe4832

    Fight against spam

    February 19, 2017 by Joe4832

    It seems like we have been overtaken by no-accounters adding random stuff and making random pages, just for fun. These cannot be deleted, so I've been categorizing them under "Canidates for deletion" because the spammers don't know how to remove that. Admins, please delete the ones under that category. Also, what happened to all our admins? They are never active, and we can't fix pages in a snap like they can.

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  • Pikamaster59


    February 1, 2017 by Pikamaster59
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  • Ironlightning

    Hi. Lately there was a lot of cussing on this wiki. There are a lot of kids reading this stuff! Please don't put bad words or anything like that. Thank you.

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  • TealJudge


    October 27, 2016 by TealJudge

    Excuse the horrible title. I am horrid at making titles. I suggest that we should all strive to add a picture for each page made. It will be easily recongizable by students who browse the site, rather than text. I have been busy adding the pictures for all of the pets and items I can in order to achieve this.

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