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Bonfire Spire on the Island Map

Bonfire Spire is one of the five main areas of Prodigy. In Bonfire Spire, you will help Slurpy. The final boss is Cebollini Carpaccio, a royal chef who you accidentally get fired for putting raisins in the royal dinner. Its currency is Hot-Hots.


Name Life Power Growth
Ashlet B- A C
Burnewt C- B B+
Dragic B B B
Embershed A A F-
Emburn B B B
Flame Neek B- B A
Hotpot A A F-
Liosen A- B C
Mystember B B B+
Puck C+ B A
Sprite B- C C+
Tinyger B- C B+


You can find two secret chests in Bonfire Spire. The first place to go is to go right from slurpy to Firewatch Road. Then, go back up the stairs and pull the lever back up. Then, go back down the stairs. Lava will rise. Use the Boots of Hotwalk to walk across the lava. After that, go up to another pair of steps to find a secret room where one of the last wizard and the last member chest. The same process for the second lever only.


Bonfire gem

Bonfire Gem