This page is a WIP. Please add to the list in case you find a buddy not put on this list.

Buddies are special creatures that follow you around and must be bought + equipped in the Buddy Slot. They can prove to others how long you have played, how stylish or rich you are, or how experienced you've gotten to be! Any way, here's a list of them:

Winterfest Pets

  • Baby Reindeer: - - - Snowflakes
  • Baby Snowman: - - - Snowflakes
  • Baby Penguin: - - - Snowflakes

Zone Merch Pets

  • Purple Owl: buy at SCM Merch
  • Saber-Tooth Cat: buy at SCM Merch
  • Cloud Sheep: buy at SW Merch
  • Steam-Powered Robot Bird 9000: buy at SW Merch
  • Rainbow Panda: buy at FF Merch
  • Flower Turtle: buy at FF Merch
  • Cuddly Cactus: buy at BS Merch
  • Flame Salamander: buy at BS Merch

Pets From Lamplight Town Pet Store (all pets 1,000 coins)


  • White Cat
  • Tuxedo Cat
  • Calico Cat
  • Grey Cat
  • Tabby Cat
  • Siamese Cat


  • Shepherd
  • Husky
  • Beagle
  • Shiba Inu


  • Barn Owl
  • Blue Parrot
  • Cockatiel
  • Grey Parrot
  • Horned Owl
  • Red Parrot


  • Chameleon
  • Gecko
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Turtle


  • Brown Hamster
  • Spotted Hamster

Other buddies

Fox-connect you parent account

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