Burnewt is a newt looking pet/monster that can be found in Bonfire Spire. You can find them in a lot of places in Red-Hot River in Bonfire Spire. Its life is C- , power is B , and growth is B+.


Burnewt was based off a newt, a type of a amphibian. It has brown skin (like a newt) but has spikes on it which newts don't have. It has eyes like a newt, also it has red holes that could be used to attack and emit steam to ward off attackers, and has a white underbelly.

Evolutionary Line

Burnewt is the first pet in the evolutionary line. It evolves into a Singenewt at level 20, Singenewt evolves into Infernewt at level 32, and Infernewt evolves in Embershed at level 45.

If you caught a Burnewt beyond the evolution of the next evolution it will evolve step by step ( each level by level ).


Burnewt will know all moves.

They can learn Fireball, Embers, Charclone, Razorfire, Fire Rain, and Dragos.


Though slow-moving the Burnewt can emit bursts of steam to war off attacks like a boiling teapot.

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