Outfits are items that can be worn by your character. Each gives a certain amount of extra hearts, known as your heart bonus. Some outfits require membership to wear, even if you own it. The membership-only outfits you get in a Conjure Cube are available to wear even if you have no membership.

Name Obtainment Bonus Discription Member?
Fairy Dress Buy from Firefly

Forest Merchant.

40 A classical green

fairy dress.

Magi's Shround ? 20 Worn by apprentice wizards,

the Magi's Shroud is a light,

yet magical garb.

Aquascale Armor Buy from "Mama

Star" from starlight


60 The strong power of dragons

suits you.

Crimson Coat
Cloth Robe
Air Robe
Admiral's Coat
Shell Body Armor
Angelic Shround