This group of articles has one or more images that are unsatisfactory in-game. The image(s) require these if possible:

  1. Completely Transparent Background
  2. Updated Picture(s)
  3. No Longer Show In-Game

This category should only be applied to articles by registered users, and they should know what they are doing when requesting the pictures to be replaced with better ones. The category should on;y be placed upon articles and pages, but not the images themselves. Below is a list of pages and the names of images they need updating:

Name of Article Image Description (not name) What It Needs
Merchant Mama Star and Milky Way Image in Gallery 1
Flora (Firefly Forest) Small Top Image 1, 2, 3
Djinna Infobox Image 1 (get rid of the lines)
Jess Infobox Image 1 (get rid of TripTrop)