Cebollini outside battle

Cebollini Carpaccio is the boss in Bonfire Spire. He was Queen Goo-Lia's cook, but he was fired after the queen found raisins in the royal stew (one of your previous quests assigned by Slurpy was to put the secret ingredient, raisin, into the royal stew).

After you take Slurpy's dish, turnip stew, to the entrance, he sees you and takes the dish from you and runs through the lava.

When you get lava walking boots, you can walk over the lava to garden getaway and confront Cebollini. After he sees you, he will force you to battle him.


During Battle

"Always start battle with an appetizer!"

"Still hungry? Time for the main course!"

"There is always room for desert!"

During Quests

"You can't give this to the queen! If I can't feed the queen, nobody can!"

"What? How did you get over here? You are slime-less! No matter. This dish will never see the light of day. En garde!"


  • Cebollini is a Fire element slime. He can very easily be beaten by a Water element pet. To most, he is not very powerful.
  • Cebollini is the easiest boss to beat, because if you manage to defeat all his stages in one try each, he can't attack.


  • His name is similar to cebollino, a Spanish word that means chives.
  • He gets more broke after each stage.
  • He bases his stages on parts of a meal.
  • This is the second food related character of all characters.
  • At the end of the quest, Slurpy becomes his apprentice


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First Stage

First Stage

Second stage 2

Second Stage

Third stage 3

Third Stage