Clothing Bonuses are things that make prodigy clothing unique. it depends on the color tier of the clothing level. The more bonus/tier highness your clothing will have, the more it benefits you! This is helpful for success in battle.

There are 5 different tiers. You can identify the tier of the equipment easily. Take off your extra armor and look at the ones you can put on. The name of the item is in that tier's color background.



  • Gray (Tier 1: Common) has a bonus of 20 for hats, shoes, outfits and 10 for wands (exceptions for 20-damage bonus and 40-health bonus equipment). Most common and lowest tier.
  • Green (Tier 2: Uncommon) has a bonus of 40 for hats, shoes, outfits, and 20 for wands. A bit less common than Gray Tier equipment, but still, there's a lot of these.
  • Blue (Tier 3: Rare) has a bonus of 60 for hats, shoes, outfits, and 30 for wands (not including the epic wands which do 40 and epic hats, that have a bonus of 40; including even more exceptions). There's a good amount of these, but not much.
  • Purple (Tier 4: Epic) has a bonus of 80 for hats, shoes, outfits, and 40 for wands. These are hard to obtain, and there are few of them. However, with the rise of Purple Tier equipment with only 30-damage and 60-health bonus, this makes some a bit less valuable than others.
  • *Yellow (Tier 5: Legendary) has a bonus of 100 for hats, shoes, and outfits.
 *There are only 4 different Tier 5 items (in the Trialmaster): The Trialmaster Circlet, the Trialmaster Garb, the Trialmaster Boots, and The Master of Trials (however, only in the Rare area, it is called Trialmaster on this site). You need membership to equip them. The Trialmaster Boots are obtaimed for the first 1000 people to play and battle chests. The Trialmaster Garb and Circlet are for the first 100 people to play, and CANNOT be obtained from battle chests. The Twilight Wheel can also contain these items, though it is extremely rare.


All Tier Colors

All Tier Colors, left to right, weakest to strongest.