Clothing bonuses are the things that make the clothing unique. it depends on the color of the clothing level. The more bonus you have, the more it benefits you.

There are 5 different colors: gray, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Gray (Tier 1) has a bonus of 20 for hats, shoes, outfits and 10 for wands.

Green (Tier 2) has a bonus of 40 for hats,shoes,outfits, and 20 for wands.

Blue (Tier 3) has a bonus of 60 for hats, shoes, outfits, and 30 for wands (not including the epic wands which do 40 and epic hats, that have a bonus of 40.)

Purple (Tier 4) has a bonus of 80 for hats,shoes,outfits, and 40 for wands.

Yellow (Tier 5) has a bonus of 100 for hats, shoes, and outfits. There are no tier 5 wands.

There are only 3 different types of Tier 5 items: The Trialmaster Circlet, the Trialmaster Garb, and the Trialmaster Boots. The first two, (Trialmaster Ciclet and Trialmaster Garb) were given to the first 1000 people to play prodigy. They are currently unobtainable. The Trialmaster Boots are so far speculated to be obtainable, but is very rare and requires a membership to use.

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