Cloud Creator is the Storm variant of Forest Creator, Flame Creator, River Creator, and Ice Creator. It learns Storm spells.


Cloud Creator resembles an angry creature in a lavender purple cloak, tricked out with gray swirls and a powerful staff. It has the same floating purple mini-planet over its hood as its two previous evolutions.

In-Game Description

"When bored, Cloud Creators would often create thunderstorms on clear days, just to hear the thunder boom."


Cloud Neek → Cloud Caller → Cloud Creator

It evolves from Cloud Caller at level 24 and doesn't evolve into anything. Cloud Neek evolves into Cloud Caller at level 12.

Weakness and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:


Spell Level Learned
Cloudshot 1
Bolt 5
Trinity 10
Thunderdome 19
Shocksphere 31
Storm's Coming 55


There is currently no world named after Cloud Creator, but there might be in a future update!


Cloud Creator