AG Clankboot


The Coliseum is a place where you can fight against wizards both CPU controlled and actual people, as well as their pets for rewards of gold or items.

Clankboot is considered the guardian of the Coliseum. He will be on the left side of the Coliseum. He wears a spartan helmet, a blue tunic, gold armor and a shield. When you clicked, he will prompt you if you'd like to train the the arena, while making a clunking sound. If you choose yes, you will be given a list you can go through by pressing arrows which are full of wizards to beat.

Requirements for battling CPU Wizards 

Before you start battling, here are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, you must complete the tutorial. After that, you must beat all former wizards before battling a wizard higher than them, and you must be a certain level in order to battle a wizard. This is to prevent you from battling, say, Crios at level 5.

How to enter

Click on the map, and click on Lamplight Town. You should be where Wheeler is. Then, just go to the right. There will be a gigantic building with Knights and Swords on it. Click on the door to go inside. You should then be in the Coliseum.

Battling Human Wizards

On your journey, you've probably seen other people playing Prodigy. In the arena, if you talk to the Arena Caller you can be matched up with a wizard similar to your rank and your wizard level.

Alternatively, you can battle a wizard by clicking on their profile and choosing to battle them. You must wait for them to accept before the battle begins.


  • You can run from coliseum battles, but you don't get prizes or experience points if you do.
  • Wizards are ~5 levels above the minimum level you are allowed to challenge them.
  • Some people think that there is a "Zombie" glitch where your opponent kills you, but you can still use your spell. Please note that this is not a glitch, and was added intentionally by Prodigy Creators as to not give the person starting an advantage.
  • If you run from a ranked battle the opponent always wins and gets points for it.

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