This page is special, as only staff are allowed to edit. If you even attempt of editing this, you will face punishment. Click this sentence to view the names of the staff.

This is an important snippet of the Rules page. This is how people should comment. Please notify one of the staff if any rules are broken.

General Commentary Rules

  • Respect everyone. This is a basic rule of life.
  • Giving out any personal information is dangerous; you shouldn't do so unless you have the right judgement and genuine permission.
  • No cursing, swearing, or harsh comments.
  • Only constructive criticism should be given, as it's nice.
  • No spam, that means typos, repeated words, overcommenting, etc. It's plain rude that when you overcomment, people get sooo many e-mails statign that you commented!
  • Do not try to vandalize or edit someone else's comments, unless you have a good reason or you are a part of this wiki's staff.
  • Do not mini-mod. This will ban you from chat for an infinite amount of time.

Article Commenting

  • General rules apply.
  • Do not talk about things that are off topic.
  • Do not ask someone the level a pet evolves; you can check this wiki or tell somebody that it's missing from a page.
  • Comments can be wiped clean from their articles, or "blanked", and a moderator cannot and will not restore the comments.

Blog Post Commenting

  • General rules apply.
  • You cannot speak of things off-topic to the blog!
  • If it is a poll blog, you are allowed to state your opinion and why in the comments (if allowed by the creator).
  • Don't try to sneak a comment on a comment-banned blog post. There's a reason why the user did so to keep from comments being added to the page.

Blog Post Posting

  • General rules apply.
  • Do not create empty blog posts as it is useless and pointless, you will face extreme punishment for doing that.
  • Only staff are really allowed to blog. However, the only exceptions include if it is for an important notice to be told. Useless posts like "Keep it up! I'll be watching!" or "I'm piggybacking on (so-and-so's) topic!" are not allowed. This is considered spam.
  • Do not use blogs as a diary.
  • If you are trying to focus on a single person, put something on their Message Wall.
  • Announce things here, not on social media.
  • No shout-out minimod posts or bossing.


  • General rules apply.
  • Other people, besides you and the person you are talking to, can see your post. Nothing private should take place there.
  • Make a relevant message to your relevant topic.
  • Don't annoy someone.
  • Don't just say 'hey u on?', 'hi friend', or saying 'jut dropping in to say hi' isn't acceptable. It will be deleted.
  • If you are gang-warning (this means that someone does something they shouldn't, and people, and you, all swarm to say that the person did something wrong and all people give warnings), just let one person, from the staff, do the job. Any gang-warners will be warned to quit gang-warning. This is usually also a sign of a group of people mini-modding.


  • General rules apply.
  • Read the News and Announcements forum often, new info will be added. This is required if you want new information on updates to both Prodigy and the Wiki!
  • Regular users are barred from using all forums except for general discussions.
  • No minimodding.