Crios is main arena wizard at the academy. He is of the element Fire, and is the top CPU arena challenger. He fights at incredible strength, as he is at level 100. He has a pet Burnewt, Singenewt, Infernewt, and an Embershed. He has about 15 or 16 hearts. You can beat him and get the Staff of the Duelist which has a heart bonus is 0.75 damage bonus. 20 students in the academy left because of Crios due to devastating losses. There was a student by the name of Cameron who decided to challenge Crios and like the other 20 students lost. However that only inspired him to practice his arts and power. Now that Cameron, Blaze, and Mary Fire (2 which are rumored to be Crios's siblings), have been defeated by a powerful wizard, Crios now hungers for a new opponent to battle, you. Since his pets have Storm spells as well, bring at least 1 storm pet with you and the rest water. When you battle him use Geyser or Zero when you are battling Crios's pets or him respectively. If you want to battle him then you should have a I heart damage bonus epic wand. You also need armor of the highest health bonus. For general armor, go for the Hunter's Armor, Black Fang Armor or even Mira's Armor or Trialmaster Armor. According to legend, Crios once swore that if anyone could beat him in a duel, he would give them a prized staff, the Duelist Staff. You might have the strength to wield this ancient staff! A strange thing that is best to take note of is that Crios wields a Phoenix Talon (maybe it's because he classifies the Duelist Staff as an extremely valuable artifact that doesn't deserve to be used in "mundane combat" but who knows for sure). He has pink eyes, red hair, and his hairstyle is elegant. He also wears the Sun's Embrace (heart bonus is 1 heart). and his staff is the Phoenix Talon (damage bonus is 0.5 hearts). You need a lot of luck when you battle him!


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new looking version crios

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Before level 95 and challenging him...