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Cumulo goes "puyoy!" in certain occasions. You can even change your character name to "(First Name), Puyoy!". They also seem to have a bit of a high-pitched boyish voice. Their species is a Poffin. Cumulo is the guardian of The Skywatch. He was removed in a later update, replaced by the siblings Broccolina and Benni.


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Cumulo looks like a insect with a scarf and aviator hat. They are purple. They seem to have pink eyes, as well, and they have angel wings. It seems they are sitting on a cloud, they also have a blue stomach, with a purple and blue face.


  • Cumulo's design is shared by 2 other NPCs: Nimbus and Stratus, therefore making Cumulo the only guardian without an original design.
  • They also are the only one who is not a human or humanoid, along with Boom Box.

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