The Dark Tower is a tower dungeon in which there are 100 floors. Every floor, there is a chance wheel. Every five floors has a group of monsters and if you beat each fifth floor you can leave and when you come back it will be the floor after that floor, so it is kind of like a save point.. From the chance wheel, you can get positive and negative effects. Those positive effect are: gain three hearts (as in healing) , gain one heart, damage increased by half a heart, and stars gained from battle increased. The negative effects are: lose 3 hearts, lose one heart, damage decreased by half a heart, and switching disabled unless you die. If your class leader is a high enough level, the whole class gets to do the first five floors if they are non-members.


Mira's Hat- Heart Bonus 80

Mira's Robes- Heart Bonus 80

Mira's Wand- Damage Bonus 40

Note- Black Fang armor from completing bounties also gives 80 hearts for the hat and 80 hearts for the robes, and is MUCH easier to obtain.


The Dark Tower appears as a tower with gray bricks and a purple roof. It has rocks next to it, supposedly holding the tower up or just for decoration. It has a drawbridge, which is also gray, which leads into the water.

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