A legendary EPIC (see Epic) of the Water element. It uses water-element moves to serve its fellow Epics.


A dark blue-scaled crocodile with a light-blue carapace. It has frilled, orange fins on its tail, head, and limbs, with orange webs on feet and hands. It has a white sclera and black pupil. A long tail is functional, mainly for the move Tidal Twister.

In-Game Description

Diveodile's natural magic ability is boosted by the Warden pendant it wears, allowing it to cast strong water spells to generate water, or even control the water around itself!

Strengths and Weaknesses

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:


Spell Level Unlocked
Water Blast 1
Water Bomb 5
Rainy Day 10
Water Bubble 19
Geyser 31
Angel's Fountain 48


  • Diveodile is a male.
  • You can buy Diveodile wands and hats from Wandering Wares for only 15 relic coins each.


AG DiveodileWater

Diveodile wielding water

AG ToyDiveodile

Diveodile as a toy

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