They appear as a fancy pair of boots, with pattered gold and amethysts on it as a decoration. They are mostly white, but have charcoal gray on the sides. They say "The Choice of Champions" on their sides.

In-Game Description

"Official boots of the Annual Wizard Dueling Contest, they say "The Choice of Champions" in big letters on their sides."

Perfect Pairing

This item is paired with:


  • The best boots for non-members to obtain. To get a better one, become a member, be the first 1000 people to play, and obtain the Trialmaster's Boots. You apparently can also get them from theTwilight Wheel.
  • Obtained by Benjamyn and it gives heart bonus of 80. It can be worn by everyone.
  1. 2 on the Boots Leaderboard. #1 on the Non-member Boots Leaderboard.
  • It is the only boot that provides 80 Heart Bonus
  • Weird! It provides 80 Health Bonus, but it's pairings only provide 60.