Dyno Dig Oasis is a place on the Map in Prodigy. It is located to the south of Shiverchill Mountain and to the west of Firefly Forest, making it the most west-pointed area. It is home to Dynos, encounter-able with Scoog. You work for Professor him, helping stop the evil Moog from putting the rare Dynos into a theme park. You do not learn any spells during this quest line, because it is just a side-story.

Screenshot (109)

Dyno Dig

Once you beat the first quest, you get the shovel, which is used for digging up fossils and items from the Dyno Dig Game. You go to the spinning star with the spade, and tap it. Then, you proceed with the Dyno Dig. You can dig up gold, fossils, currencies, and equipment. As you go through the quests, your shovel level power increases. This means you can dig faster.

Known Glitches/Stuff

There is a glitch where players are able to stand on the house and trees as they would stand on the ground... this has been patched in later versions. Dyno Dig Oasis does not have a heal stone. It is the only place without any healstones as all the other areas/islands have.

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