Dyno Dig Oasis

The Dyno Dig Oasis is a place that you can travel to on your map. At the Oasis, you can do the Dyno Dig. Also you can go to the museum to put down your fossils. Also, you can help Professor Scoog and defeat some wild Prodigy creatures. Then after, there will might be a prize for a thank you from Professor Scoog. Try to pass all the battles to claim all the prizes.

Dyno Dig

When you go Dyno Digging at Dyno Dig Oasis, you must find fossils and items. You can bring them to the museum afterwards. If your doing good, Scoog will give you something. To find a fossil or coins, you must look around. If it says cold, your far away from a fossil. If it says ice cold, your really far away. When hot, your close! When warm, yours getting there! When time runs out, you claim your prizes!

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