Dyno Digging is a mini-game found in Dyno Dig Oasis.

To start playing, obtain the Shovel. This can be bought from Professor Scoog.

When you go Dyno Digging, you can find fossils and items. If you're doing good, Scoog will give you something. To find a fossil or coins, you must look around. When time runs out, you claim your prizes!

New Updates state that you can actually obtain rare gear here. Other stuff you can now obtain are celebration items, food, and a few other stuff. Things that won't appear include pets, buddies, Conjure Cubes, etc. Dyno Digging is a common way to get member items for non-members.

You can dig up bones in fossils in the process, these will be added to your Museum, and multiple of the same artifacts will eventually make an exoskeleton.

How to Play

You will use your shovel to find hidden objects. To locate objects, follow the clues.

If it says cold, you're far away from a fossil. If it says ice cold, you're really far away. When hot, you're close! When warm is shown, you're getting there!

"DIG! DIG! DIG!" and the Shovel icon will appear if you have located an item. To unbury it, click on the Shovel icon.

If you manage to uncover enough items, Scoog will praise you and give you an additional 15 seconds.


  • Originally, if you filled your whole museum, you could change your name


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