Earth/Plant symbol

Earth is the element found commonly in Firefly Forest, where all pets there are of the Earth element.

Location Found

Most of the earth pets are found in Firefly Forest, but other areas, such as Dyno Dig Oasis also contain them. Earth element pets in The Lost Island are uncatchable.

List of Earth Pets

Here are all the existing earth pets in Prodigy categorized alphabetically:

Pet Life Power Growth
Arboreal B C B
Bashbot A- C B
Batterbot A+ B C
Bitbot C+ B A
Claustro A+ C- B-
ClipClop B+ B B-
Dreamlet B- B C+
Fissural B B+ B
Florafox A+ B A+
Flyger B A- D
Forest Caller B B A-
Forest Creator B+ B B+
Forest Neek B- B A
Ivory Truckle B+ B B-
Muckster B C B
Mystile B B B+
Peeko B B B
Pokkit C A B-
Pomprikle B C C
Rack-Rack B+ B C
Scally C+ B A
Saplette B C B
Sentinel A+ B C
Shade A- C B
Spectral A C B
Spindle C B+ C-
Sprike A- B D
TripTrop B B B
Truckle B B B
Vinequeen B B C

Earth Spells

There are 6 earth spells, and one earth epics powermove. All types have 6 spells.

  • Mudball
  • Whirlwind
  • Leaf Wind
  • Absorb
  • Earthsprite
  • Blitz
  • Forest's Fury (Florafox's move)

Weakness and Strengths

These element pets are weak to:

  • Fire Element Pets/Monsters.

These element pets are strong to:

  • Water Element Pets/Monsters.