Earth symbol

Earth is an element in Prodigy, which is powerful against Water, but, however, will take more damage from Fire. It is often the first element encountered in the game, as it is commonly found in Firefly Forest, the first area of the game.


Earth spells are

  • Mudball
  • Whirlwind
  • Leaf Wind
  • Earthsprite
  • Absorb
  • Blitz


Some Earth Pets are

  • Peeko
  • Rack-Rack
  • Saplette
  • TripTrop
  • ClipClop
  • Mystile
  • Arboreal
  • Dreamlet
  • Forest Neek
  • Forest Caller
  • Forest Creator
  • Pomprikle
  • Vinequeen
  • Flyger
  • Bitbot There are even more Earth pets, in case you were wondering.

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