Elements are special characteristics found in every entity, boos, or battle-able thing on Prodigy Island. Currently, there are very few, but new elements are added periodically, however, this is quite rare and happens every few years.. Below is a list of links to all of the elements:

Name Of Element Map Zone Hub (Where Most Entities Of This Element Are Found) Strengths Weaknesses
Astral These are of all wizards. It is said to be of Lamplight Town, or the Academy. Shadow None
Shadow This is the element found of all boss wizards, like Pippet, of the Dark Tower. Mech, Storm, Ice, Fire, Water, and Earth Astral
Mech The only wielder of this element is Big Hex, an elemental EPIC. This used to have an outdated homeland, Clockwork Town. Water Ice
Storm Skywatch is home to this element. Water Ice
Ice Shiverchill Mountains are home to this element. Storm Fire
Fire Bonfire Spire is home to this element. Ice and Earth Water
Water Barnacle Cove (old) and Shipwreck Shore (new) are home to this element. Fire Storm and Earth
Earth Firefly Forest is home to this element. Water Fire

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