Fathom is the fully evolved form of Beneel and Funkeel. It is a Water element pet that can be obtained by evolving from Beneel at level 28.


Fathom looks a lot like Beneel but with more fins and a larger appearance. It has 3 fins with pink flipper like fins on it, also it has blue skin, and a white under belly ; it has pink eyes and a pink tail. Its head is a different shade of blue and its middle body has dark blue stripe. And lastly the front fin has white dots.


It knows all moves. Water Blast, Water Bomb, Rainy Day, Water Bubble, Geyser, and Angel's Fountain.

Evolutionary line

Beneel evolves into Fathom at level 28.


Fathoms are the largest known monster at the Academy. They rarely surface from the ocean depths, returning only to watch passing ships.


Fathom is a form of measurement used in the water.


Fathom has a world called Oceanus.

Oceanus at 1 bar

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