Fathom looks a lot like Beneel but with more fins and a larger appearance. It has 3 fins with pink flipper like fins on it, also it has blue skin, and a light blueish gray underbelly ; it has pink eyes and a pink tail. Its head is a different shade of blue and its middle body has dark blue stripe. And lastly the front fin has white dots.

In-Game Description

"Fathoms are the largest known monster at the Academy. They rarely surface from the ocean depths, returning only to watch passing ships."


Funkeel -> Beneel -> Fathom

It evolves from Beneel at level 28 and doesn't evolve into anything. Beneel evolves from Funkeel at level 14.


Spell Level Unlocked
Water Blast 1
Water Bomb 6
Rainy Day 12
Water Bubble 22
Geyser 35
Angel's Fountain 53


  • Fathom is a form of measurement used in the water.


There is a world, Oceanus, named after Fathom.


Oceanus at 1 bar