Fire is an element in Prodigy that is strong against earth and ice, but weak against water.Water puts out fire so that is why it is weak.

If you don't want to learn fire spells, you can always catch a fire pet in Bonfire Spire or Dyno Dig Oasis. Don't know which one to choose? That's ok! There are a lot of different fire pets, but here is just a few of them: Emburn, Liosen, Tinyger, Burnewt, and Dragic

Some fire spells:(If it is strong, it does 1 more heart)

Fireball- +1 damage

Embers- +1 1/4 damage

Charclone- +1 1/2 damage

Razorfire- +1 3/4 damage

Fire Rain- +2 damage

Dragos- +2 1/4 damage

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