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Firefly Forest on the map

Firefly Forest is an area on the map. It is near the left side of the map. It is next to Dyno Dig Oasis and Lamplight Town. You can find wizards to battle and catch pets. Before the December 2016 update, this was the first area you could unlock. You can collect fireflies and get rewards for the merchant.

Master Wizard

Flora is the Master Wizard. She gives players quests.


These pets can be found here:

Pets Evolution 1 Evolution 2 Rarity
Creela Celesteate Aureate Extremely Rare
Dreamlet None None Rare
Forest Neek Forest Caller Forest Creator Very Common
Mystile None None Rare
Pomprikle Spindle None Very Common
Saplette Arboreal Vinequeen Common
Scally Fissural Sentinel Very Common
Sprike None None Common
TripTrop ClipClop None Common
Truckle None None Common


In Firefly Forest, there are multiple areas:

  • The Big Tree
  • Stonefish Beach
  • Fisherman's Pond
  • Grassy Clearing
  • The Crossroads
  • Mountain Pass
  • Firefly Crossing
  • Mountain Gate
  • The Old Road
  • Old Road Remains

If you have come to The Big Tree, you can:

  • Go Southeast to the Academy Entrance and/or Lamplight Town.
  • Go West to the Firefly Clearing, which has a guy who is looking for fireflys.(not firefly crossing).
  • Go North to the Pet-inhabited zones.
    • Going North would bring you to Stonefish Beach, which only contains a single Cloaked Wizard that disappears permanently after you defeat it.
    • Travel to the next zone called Fisherman's Pond. This contains three regular monsters and a Chest at the upper peninsula.
    • Traveling far northeast will bring you to The Crossroads. There, you must choose to go one of two paths to travel deeper into the forest - Mountain Pass (left) or The Old Road (right).
      • Traveling to the Mountain Pass brings you to fight one monster if you'd choose to travel south. However, sneak up north and avoid the monster if you wish. Go south to the Firefly Crossing, but you must pay the price of fighting the monster at the Mountain Pass. Go north to the Mountain Gate, a lonely area with a good amount of loot!
      • Traveling to The Old Road brings you to an NPC who appears to the based off of a merchant, but he will only greet you and will not sell anything. There, defeat two monsters and move onto The Old Road Remains, in which you can defeat a multitude of monsters and Gerald as well!

This navigation includes all of Firefly Forest, and the adventures outside of Firefly Forest weren't listed.


  • The only places you can get Forest Neeks is near Gerald, at the old road remains, or near the tree stump at the Firefly Clearing.
  • There is a chance that 1 out of 1,000 evolutions will spawn in Firefly Forest. If you want to look for one easily then go to Skywatch.


Firefly Gem(New)

FIrefly Gem from the new update