You can find and battle people and Earth pets. It is also has the easiest monsters to kill. Before the December 2016 update, this was the first area you could unlock.


Flora is the official leader of the forest. She gives players quests and awards when you complete them.


These pets can be found here:

Pets Evolution1 Evolution2 Rarity
Dreamlet None None Uncommon
Forest Neek Forest Caller Forest Creator Common
Ivory Truckle None None Rare
Mystile None None Uncommon
Pomprikle Spindle None Common
Saplette Arboreal Vinequeen Common
Scally Fissural Sentintel Common
Sprike None None Common
TripTrop ClipClop None Common
Truckle None None Common


  • The only place you can get Forest Neeks is near Gerald, at the old road remains. Just be very careful not to wake him up!
  • There is a 1 in 1000 chance that evolutions will spawn in firefly forest, but if you want to catch one easily, look in Skywatch.

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