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Flora is the guardian wizard of Firefly Forest.She is the first quest giver a player will encounter. She also helps the player receive their first wand.(the enchanted wand)


Flora appears as a fairy, but she could possibly be a nymph. She has pink wings, and lime hair that is in two ponytails. In her hair is a daisy. Around Flora's neck is a pink necklace. She seems to wear the item Fairy Dress. She also looks a little bit like a Dreamlet.


  • Flora, along with Noot, Benni and Broccolina, and Slurpy (with a few others) are the only NPCs that finish their sentences when they speak.
  • She is the only guardian wizard that allows the player to discover Firefly Forest, as other guardian wizards do not.
  • Flora's realm, Firefly Forest, was the first place to switch to moving-based missions, rather than map-based ones.
  • When you finish the quest, she will always say, "Well Done!"


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