Florafox is one of the epics. You can earn it by buying a Florafox toy and writing the numbers on the toy. It also works for every other one of the Epics.


Florafox is a monster that resembles a fox. It is green, with a lighter underbelly and black paws. Bulbs represent its ears and tail.

In-Game Description

Florafox can speak with nearby plants and trees by planting itself in the soil. The bulb on Florafox's tail produces a pollen that can heal any plant, no matter how injured or withered.


Spell Level Unlocked
Mudball 1
Whirlwind 5
Leaf Wind 10
Absorb 19
Earthsprite 31
Blitz 48


  • Florafox is an epic.
  • It was added awhile after the Big Hex was released.
  • Florafox hats and wands can be obtained by going to a merchant and trading in 5 copper coins for either a wand or hat.
  • It is a female.



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