Food is a item in Prodigy that was recently added which would give you health when you consume it. You can not eat food during a battle, but you can use it anywhere as long as you are not fighting (ex, it can be used in any of the areas like Skywatch) The food is only able to heal you wizard. Here is a list of the known foods, the heart healing power, and know ways of how to get them.

Apple - heals 160 hearts

You can obtain apples by logging in for the daily bonus on day 1/5, signing up with a parent account (obtain 10), smelting a something frozen, or getting them in battles (in chest).

Croissant - heals 160 hearts

You can obtain the item by logging in for the daily bonus on day 4/5, or winning from battles (in chest)

Salad - heals 280 hearts

You can obtain a salad by winning it from the Twilight Wheel or unfreezing it in the furnace of Shiverchill mountains. It is currently unknown if you can obtain one from a chest.

Pizza - heals 480 hearts

Pizza is currently only obtainable by answering a question from Sir Vey at the southern dock in Lamplight town, which is only about once a week.

Chicken - heals 400 hearts

You can obtain a chicken by landing on the option from the Twilight Wheel.

Cake- Heals ??? Hearts

You cna obtain a cake from the Twilight Wheel

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