Forest Caller is the Earth variant of Ice Caller, River Caller, Cloud Caller, and Flame Caller. It learns Earth spells.


Forest Caller resembles a hooded wizard. It wears a green cloak to hide its face, and holds a staff. It has the ability to levitate.

In-Game Description

"Large gusts of wind may signify the presence of Forest Callers, which have the ability to 'ride' the winds."


Forest Neek → Forest Caller → Forest Creator

It evolves from Forest Neek at level 15 and into Forest Creator at level 30.

Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak to: 

This pet is strong to: 


Spell Level Unlocked
Mudball 1
Whirlwind 4
Leaf Wind 8
Absorb 18
Earthsprite 29
Blitz 47