A heavily detailed wood elf in a lime green cloak, holding a matching staff.

In-Game Description

"Forest Creators are not particularly smart and have terrible memories - but are kindhearted and use their magic to help others."


Forest Neek --- Level 12 ---> Forest Caller --- Level 24 ---> Forest Creator

It evolves from Forest Caller at level 24 and doesn't evolve into anything. Forest Neek evolves into Forest Caller at level 12.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This pet is weak to:

  • Fire element pets (never bring to Bonfire Spire)

This pet is strong to:

  • Water element pets (bring to Shipwreak Shore for training)


Spell Level Learned
Mudball 1
Whirlwind 5
Leaf Wind 10
Absorb 19
Earthsprite 31
Blitz 48


  • Forest Creator's only spawn in the Lost Island, which cannot be caught.
  • Forest Creator is part of the Creator Family.
  • The other members are River Creator, Flame Creator, Ice Creator, and Cloud Creator.