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Ice is the main element in Shiverchill Mountain. There, you can learn ice spells.

Weaknesses and Strengths 

These element pets are weak to:

These element pets are strong to:


When you arrive in Shiverchill Mountain you will meet Bok. If you click on him, he will give you quests, making you:

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Here are all the ice spells in the game, ordered from weakest to strongest:

It is important to note that, however high-leveled your wizard may be, it can only obtain the spells Ice Cannon, Ice Prison, and Blizzard.



Here is a list of all the ice pets in the game, organized alphabetically:

Pet Life Power Growth
Arcticlaw B A C-

Here is a list of pets that can learn ice spells, but are not ice type (organized alphabetically):

Pet Type Life Power Growth

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