Ice Neek is the ice variant of Forest Neek, Cloud Neek, Flame Neek, and River Neek. It can learn Ice spells.


Ice Neek resembles a human, with a lavender hooded cloak and snowball staff. You cannot see its face, but it has luminous eyes and a mouth.

In-Game Description

An Ice Neek is commonly found in places with low temperatures, but also has a strange curiosity towards fire.


Ice Neek -> Ice Caller -> Ice Creator

Ice Neek is the first evolution of the Ice Neek line. It evolves into Ice Caller at level 12, and Ice Caller evolves into Ice Creator at level 24.

Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:


Spell Level Unlocked
Ice Cannon 1
Ice Prison 4
Blizzard 8
Glacial Shield 17
Snowman 28
Ice to Meet You 45


There is currently no world named after Ice Neek. However, there might be in a future update!


Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.42.48 PM

Original Image (before transparency)

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