The Ice Worm is the a boss of Shiverchill Mountains. You will do quests that Bok assigns you until eventually you will battle the boss twice. The first battle is easy and the boss is easy to defeat. However, during the second time, the Ice worm has gained more power and will not be so easy to defeat.


First Encounter

The Ice Worm will steal one of the Power Crystals and you must fight it..

Screenshot 2017-11-12 at 5.43.13 PM

Second Encounter

Once Bok gives you final quest of finding the five fake crystals, you must go back to Bok. Your character will eventually stop and lay out the crystals. The Ice Worm will take the bait and battle you. The Ice Worm has about 350 health. After you beat the worm, you can take the real power crystal and light the 3rd furnace, which will warm the mountain up enough to go inside the throne room.


The Ice Worm looks like a 3-eyed crystal Onix (Pokemon Anime) with a "crown" of ice on its head.


  • Ice worms are real but do not really look like a 3 eyed crystal onix (pokemon), they are tiny worms that live in glaciers.
  • The Ice worm will not have health bars. It is similar to other bosses.

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