Basic Information

Infernewt is a pet in Prodigy with the element of Fire. It cannot be found in the wild, and can only be obtained by evolving a Singenewt. It's life ranks up to C+, it's power ranks up to B, and it's growth ranks up to C+.

Infernewt - Stats

Infernewt's stats.

Infernewt's stats become substantially stronger in it's next and final evolution.


Infernewt does not differ that much from his previous evolution, except for only a few features. Infernewt has grown big fins that look a lot like ears along it's neck. It still has the face gills and the jewel on it's head, and it's eyes are still yellow. It's skin is also dark red and there is still a big fire radiating off of it's back. The skin inside of it's fin is purple.


Infernewt learning 5 Fire moves, one less than the total amount of Fire moves. In it's final evolution, it will begin to learn Storm moves. Since Infernewt only has Fire attacks, it's attacks are powerful against Earth and Ice types, but weak against Water type. It is a normal attack level against a Fire or Storm monster.

Infernewt's Moves

  • Fireball
  • Embers
  • Charclone
  • Razorfire
  • Fire Rain
  • Infernewt - Razorfire

    Infernewt using the Fire move, Razorfire.

In-Game Description

Infernewt - Description

Infernewts are often mistaken for baby dragons in the mountains - but cannot fly, roar or breathe fire.

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