Luminite is a basic Storm monster found in Skywatch. It evolves into Lumiot and then into Luminex

In-Game Description

"A Luminite is very loyal and friendly, earning its nickname as 'Man's Bestest Friend.' "


Luminite appears to be a small grey wolf-like creature. Its sprite makes it look like it twirls its left arm and left leg (if wild or an opponent's), and twirls its right limbs if on your team.

Weakness and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:

Evolution Chain

Luminite is a baby pet, and it evolves into Lumiot and then into Luminex.


  • Life: C
  • Power: B
  • Growth: A



They have a moon-shaped emblem on their forehead, making them look like a Teddiursa from Pokemon.

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