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Important Note

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Special Notes to the Manual of Style

Anything in brackets, you replace with what it says you should do. Anything in single curly brackets are extra notes you don't add to the actual articles.

Basic Manual Of Style

Here, we have Rules and a Privacy Policy, but there's one more thing you should read before editing: this! It will expand on how you should edit.


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Make sure there are links to whatever is necessary.

Images/Art Theft

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Housekeeping & Counter-productive Edits

Marked For Deletion Pages

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Random/Null Edits

If you make a random edit that changes nothing, or if it's just for Achievement Badges, or just to add up to edits on your profile to make you look desirable, the edits will not count and it's considered vandalism.

Pet Manual of Style

Note that the Subheading 1 should be replaced with Heading, but for the sake of this page, it was changed. Example of perfect page: Mystile

{Category order: Pets, <capitalized element>}


<what it looks like>

In-Game Description

"<bestiary book's description in italics>"

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak to:

  • {element name} element pets (never bring to {home element area of the element pet it's weak to})

This pet is strong to:

  • {element name} element pets (bring to {home element area of the element pet it's strong to})


1st evolution -> 2nd Evolution -> 3rd Evolution

Pets with no evolutions should be say "It doesn't evolve from or into anything."

A first stage pet would be "It evolves into {2nd evolution} at level {#} and doesn't evolve from anything. {2nd evolution} evolves into {3rd evolution} at level {#}."

A second stage pet would be "It evolves from {1st evolution} at level {#} and into {3rd evolution} at level {#}."

A third stage pet would be "It evolves from {2nd evolution} at level {#} and doesn't evolve into anything. {2nd evolution} evolves from {1st evolution} at level {#}."


Make sure the spell column is also linked.

Spell Level Leanred
<spell> <level>
<spell> <level>
<spell> <level>
<spell> <level>
<spell> <level>
<spell> <level>

Add only if it applies: "By obtaining {pet name}, you unlock {epic spell name}."


  • <trivia, if any>

Only add this section if it applies.


Any extra pictures go here. Only add this section if it applies.

Spell Manual Of Style

Individual spell pages no longer exist. Redirect them to "Spells#{element}". For example, Fireball would redirect to "Spell#Fire".

Equipment Manual of Style

Category order: Items, Equipment, {category of item}


<what it looks like>

In-Game Description

<in-game description in italics and/or quotes>

How to Obtain

Only add this if there's a special obtainment method.

Perfect Pairing

  • pair(s)


Add an image of a wizard wearing the equipment with the perfect pairing.