Epics subspace on map

The places on the map

This is the Map of the Prodigy world. Well, now a new island has appeared! It is called The Lost Island. Also, in Prodigy, there is a place called Lamplight Town, Firefly Forest, Dyno Dig Oasis, Shiverchill Mountains, Skywatch, Bonfire Spire, Epics Subspace, Barnacle Cove, and The Dark Tower.

Lamplight Town

Lamplight Town is where there is a lot of shops. You can go to many places. You can take your Tech-Y4 for a little dance! You can style your hair and eyes, and also their color! There is also a History District that has not really opened any stores yet....

All the other places

Okay, like I said before, there's other places like, Firefly Forest. They usually have one Merchant in the place. You need to complete quests to get coins, currency, and items. So good luck on your quests in Firefly Forest, Dyno Dig Oasis, Shiverchill Mountain, Skywatch, Bonfire Spire, Barnacle Cove, The Lost Island, and most importantly, The Dark Tower!

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