If you have currently been playing Prodigy and like this game, you might want to consider getting membership. Membership is an advantage to prove yourself to other players by using this. Please note, that membership cost money every year or month. And even if you may open the membership chest, go to the dark tower, etc, you might not be able to earn as many stars as average again on the non-member chest, (Only 2 stars)! Membership can not be stopped, unfortunately, but can, however, be stopped by when your credit card expires. But membership can, however, give you better things and a more fun game to play. Currently, monthly membership costs $8.95 + tax and a yearly membership cost $4.95 per month +tax. See Wands, Buddies, Hats, Outfits, Boots, etc, to get the feel of what you're limited to without a membership.

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