Merchants are NPCs that sell armor and pets. They are seen in all of the areas in the game.


Firefly Forest Merchant

A Merchant

They appear as small dwarfs with a yellow beard, and also appear to be carrying a backpack with their goods.They wear a leaf-top pointy hat with a treasure chest symbol on it.


Firefly Outfitters Merchant

Location Found:

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?
Wood Knight Helm Hat No
Mushroom Cap Hat 260 No
Firefly Hat Hat 250 Yes
Wood Knight Armor Outfit 420 No
Fairy Dress Outfit No
Firefly Robes Outfit 300 Yes
Butterfly Wand Wand No
Vorpald Blade Wand No
Efflorescence Wand 350 Yes
Rainbow Panda Buddy 5,000 Yes
Flower Turtle Buddy 2,000 Yes
Mystile Pet 1,500 No

Snowday Sales Merchant

Location found:

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?

Sky-High Values Merchant

Location Found:

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?

Special Merchants

Quest Merchants

Quest Merchants are special merchants that give you rewars for collecting certain things. The Quest Merchant in Firefly Forest collects fireflies, and the Quest Merchant in Shiverchill Mountain collects Ice Crystals.

Julia Ghoulia

Julia Ghoulia is a ghost witch merchant that only appears during Pumpkinfest. She accepts Candy Corn as currency.

Location Found: Lamplight Town

Items for sale:

Name Cost Member-Only?
Mummy Mask 20 No
Scarecrow Mask 20 No
Goblin Mask 15 No
Wolfy Mask 10 No
Specter Hood 20 No
Franky Mask 1 Yes
Pumpkinhead 25 Yes
Skelly Mask 10 Yes
Luminite Mask 15 No
Name Cost Member-Only?
Scarecrow Costume 15 No
Pumpkin Outfit 20 No
Specter Robes 15 Yes
Luminite Costume 20 Yes
Name Cost Member-Only?
Candy Corn Wand 13 No
Spooky Candle 5 No
Pumpkin Wand 5 Yes
Name Cost Member-Only?
Pumpkinfest Side Table 1 Yes
Pumpkin Chair 5 No
Pumpkinfest Harvest Table 5 Yes
Pumpcube 1 Yes
Pianoy 10 No
Pumpkin Dreams 15 No
Spooky Bedspread 10 Yes
Sweet Stash 10 Yes
Creepy House Chair 5 No
Melted Candles 1 Yes
Spooky Side Table 10 Yes
Footstooly 5 Yes
Spidery Side Table 15 No

Toy Merchant

The Toy Merchant is found in every area on the map, (excluding your house and The Lost Island). He sells wands and hats that represent the epics. Each cost 15 relic coins (excluding the Epic Dragons wands and hats cost 20 relic coins) and can be worn by everyone.

Items for Sale:

Item Epic
Florafox Bonnet Florafox
Magmischief Helm Magmischief
Arctursus Hood Arctursus
Big Hex Helmet Big Hex
Diveodile Toque Diveodile
Item Epic
Florafox Wand Florafox
Magmischief Fire Rod Magmischief
Arctursus Power Rod Arctursus
Big Hex Conductor Big Hex
Diveodile Sea Staff Diveodile


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