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Merchants are non-playable characters that sell nearly everything, from equipment, to buddies, to pets. They are seen in all of the areas in the game except the Lost Island and The Dark Tower.


Firefly Forest Merchant

A Merchant

They appear as small dwarves with a yellow beard, and also appear to be carrying a backpack with their goods.They wear a leaf-top pointy hat with a treasure chest symbol on it.


Firefly Outfitters Merchant

Location Found:

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?
Wood Knight Helm Hat 260 No
Mushroom Cap Hat 260 No
Firefly Hat Hat 250 Yes
Wood Knight Armor Outfit 420 No
Fairy Dress Outfit 310 No
Firefly Robes Outfit 300 Yes
Butterfly Wand Wand 450 No
Vorpald Blade Wand 550 No
Efflorescence Wand 350 Yes
Rainbow Panda Buddy 5,000 Yes
Flower Turtle Buddy 2,000 Yes
Mystile Pet 1,500 No
Scally Pet 1,500 No

Snowday Sales Merchant

Location found:

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?
Blue Star Helm Hat 1100 No
Red Badge Helm Hat 110 No
Blue Star Jersey Outfit 500 No
Red Badge Jersey Outfit 500 No
Hockey Stick Wand 800 No
Skates of Glory Boots 500 No
Snowflake Hairclip Hat 430 No
Polar Knight Helm Hat 370 Yes
Frost Knight Armor Outfit 90 Yes
Shiverchill Hat Hat 320 Yes
Hailstone Wand 450 Yes
Shiverchill Robes Outfit 480 Yes
Arcticlaw Pet 1500 No
Squally Pet 1500 No
Purple Owl Buddy 1100 Yes
Saber-Tooth Cat Buddy 1100 Yes

Sky-High Values Merchant

Location Found:

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?
Sky Captain Cap Hat 1500 No
Flowers and Sprockets Hat 1500 No
Sky Captain Coat Outfit 1500 No
Steampunk Gear Gown Outfit 1500 No
Wing Guard Ushanka Hat 310 No
Skycap Hat 320 Yes
Remote Ship Wand 550 Yes
Skywatch Gear Outfit 370 Yes


Pet 1500 No
Mystyyk Pet 1500 No
Cloud Sheep Buddy 1100 Yes
Steam-Powered Robot Bird 9001 Buddy 1100 Yes

Hot Hot Threads

Locations Found:

Items for sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only
Cactus Cranium Hat 400 No
Chef's Hat Hat 260 No
Smoky Spatula Wand 350 No
Tinder Toque Hat 320 Yes
Bonfire Wand 550 Yes
Bonfire Robes Outfit 370 Yes
Smoldash Pet 1500 No
Cuddly Cactus Buddy 1100 Yes
Flame Salamander Buddy 1100 Yes

Ocean Outfitters

Locations found:

Items for sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?
Deep Diving Helmet Hat 380 Yes
Captain's Hat Hat 320 Yes
Bandana Hat ? No
Jelly Cap Hat 320 No
Sea Sword Cap Hat 270 No
Dire Pirate Mask Hat 360 No
Buccaneer's Digs Outfit 370 No
Crimson Cloak Outfit ? Yes
Dire Pirate Tunic Outfit 370 Yes
Deep Diving Suit Outfit 430 No
Jelly Hamaka Outfit 430 No
Sea Sword Suit Outfit ? No
Captain's Digs Outfit 480 Yes
Shell Body Armor Outfit 480 No
Crimson Boots Boots ? Yes
Dire Pirate Boots Boots 220 No
Sea Sword Boots Boots 220 No
Shell Armor Boots Boots 280 No
Toy Parrot Wand 450 Yes
Turtle Topper Wand 500 No
Tidal Sphere Wand ? No
Jellyfish Wand Wand 450 No
Caster Clam Wand 400 No
Spiral Shell Spellcaster Wand 500 No
Funkeel Pet 1500 No
Squibble Pet 1500 No
Puffer Fish Buddy 550 Yes
Baby Squid Buddy 550 Yes
Crab Buddy ? No
Cat Fish Buddy ? No

Special Merchants

Quest Merchants

Quest Merchants are special merchants that give you rewards for collecting certain things. The Quest Merchant in Firefly Forest collects fireflies, and the Quest Merchant in Shiverchill Mountain collects Ice Crystals.

  • Julia Ghoulia

Julia Ghoulia is a ghost witch merchant that only appears during Pumpkinfest. She accepts Candy Corn as currency.

Location Found: Lamplight Town

Items for sale:

Name Cost Member-Only?
Mummy Mask 20 No
Scarecrow Mask 20 No
Goblin Mask 15 No
Wolfy Mask 10 No
Specter Hood 20 No
Franky Mask 1 Yes
Pumpkinhead 25 Yes
Skelly Mask 10 Yes
Luminite Mask 15 No


Name Cost Member-Only?
Scarecrow Costume 15 No
Pumpkin Outfit 20 No
Specter Robes 15 Yes
Luminite Costume 20 Yes


Name Cost Member-Only?
Candy Corn Wand 13 No
Spooky Candle 5 No
Pumpkin Wand 5 Yes


Name Cost Member-Only?
Pumpkinfest Side Table 1 Yes
Pumpkin Chair 5 No
Pumpkinfest Harvest Table 5 Yes
Pumpcube 1 Yes
Pianoy 10 No
Pumpkin Dreams 15 No
Spooky Bedspread 10 Yes
Sweet Stash 10 Yes
Creepy House Chair 5 No
Melted Candles 1 Yes
Spooky Side Table 10 Yes
Footstooly 5 Yes
Spidery Side Table 15 No


Harvey is a floatling merchant that appears during the defeat of Titan Barrier. He exchanges equipment for Titan Shards.

Location(s) Found: Titan Grounds and Lamplight Town (to the left of it when you enter it on the map)

Items for Sale:

Name Category Cost Member-Only?
Titan Conqueror Power Katana Wand 250 No
Great Hall Lantern Lamp 20 No
Titan Conqueror Power Armor Outfit 300 No
Titan Conqueror Power Helm Hat 500 No
Conqueror's Monument Misc. Item 300 No
Conqueror's Throne Table 100 No

Howard Cornelius

Howard Cornelius is a yeti with a mustache found in Lamplight Town during Winterfest. The currency used to buy from him are Magic Snowflakes that you can get from battles or Dyno Dig.

Name Cost Member-only?
Penguin 10 Yes
Baby Reindeer 35 No
Baby Snowman 30 No
Name Cost Member-only?
Fireworks 1 No
Confetti 2 No
Name Cost Member-only?
Deluxe Holiday Bow 50 No
Fancy Holiday Bow 20 No
Nice Holiday Bow 1 No
Winter Hat 5 No
Winterfest Hat 10 Yes
Earmuffs 10 No
Parka Hood 10 No
Fancy Tophat 5 Yes
Lady Yeti Mask 15 Yes
Male Yeti Mask 15 Yes
Reindeer Antlers 25 No
Snowman Head 10 Yes
Name Cost Member-only?
Deluxe Gilt Gift 50 No
Fancy Holiday Present 20 No
Nice Holiday Box 1 No
Anorak Suit 15 No
Winterfest Outfit 20 Yes
Yeti Coat 20 No
Name Cost Member-only?
Winter Bell 15 No
Name Cost Member-only?
Winter Boots 5 No
Name Cost Member-only?
Cheery Chair 10 No
Evergreen Comfy Chair 5 Yes
Decked Out Festive Bed 15 No
Snowman Slumber Bed 10 Yes
Classical Winterfest Bed 10 Yes
Seasonal Stocking 10 No
Red Display Gift 5 No
Yellow Display Gift 8 Yes
Evergreen Garland 10 No
Festival Tree 20 Yes
Jolly Fireplace 15 Yes
Festive Feast Table 10 No
Festival Side Table 5 No
Cozy Winterfest Rug 10 No
Winterfest Den Lamp 5 Yes
Cozy Couch 10 No
Evergreen Dining Chair 5 No

Mama Star

Location(s) Found: Lamplight Town

Items for Sale:

Item Name Type of Item Cost (in Dragon Flies) Cost (in Star Shards)
Helm of the Glaring Dragon Hats 20 - - -
Dragon Command Circlet Hats 20 - - -
Magma Boots Boots 50 - - -
Aquascale Armor Outfits 50 - - -
Ice Dragon Tooth Crown Hats 50 - - -
Perching Fire Dragon Lance Wands 50 - - -
Flame Stick of Dragonfire Wands 25 - - -
Fiery Dragon Baton Wands 15 - - -
Fernscale Armor Outfits 20 - - -
Milky Way Plush Misc. 1 20
Starlight Side Table Table 10 20
Star Suite Bed Seat 10 20
Starlight Rug Misc. 5 20
Star Seat Seat 5 20
Star Jar Lamp 1 20
Starlight Lamp Lamp 10 20
Standing Lantern Lamp 15 20
Star Topiary Plant 10 20
Starlight Stool Seat 1 20
Night Bed Seat 10 20
Moon Plushie Misc. 5 20
Starlight Dining Table Table 10 20

Toy Merchant

The Toy Merchant is found in every area on the map, (excluding your house and The Lost Island). He sells wands and hats that represent the Epics. He only accepts Relic Coins as currency.

Items for Sale:

Item Epic Cost
Florafox Bonnet Florafox 12
Magmischief Helm Magmischief 12
Arctursus Hood Arctursus 12
Big Hex Helmet Big Hex 12
Diveodile Toque Diveodile 12
Luma Helmet Luma 30
Eclipse Helmet Eclipse 30
Tidus Armor Cap Tidus 30
Chill Char Helmet Chill & Char 30
Item Epic Cost
Florafox Wand Florafox 16
Magmischief Fire Rod Magmischief 16
Arctursus Power Rod Arctursus 16
Big Hex Conductor Big Hex 16
Diveodile Sea Staff Diveodile 16
Luma Sun Ray Rod Luma 40
Eclipse Sky Scythe Eclipse 40
Tidus Blade of Waves Tidus 40
Chill Char Gladius Chill & Char 40



AG Harvey


AG MamaStar

Mama Star

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Toy Merchant


Ocean Outfitters Merchant