Noot is a helper character in Prodigy. He is currently known as a fairy guide. He goes in your bag and guides you around the island, and usually pops out in quests to warn you about many dangers of the wild pets and the Puppet Master.


Noot resembles a big fairy with pointy wings, a big tail, one tuft of hair, a hat with a bell, and a scarf attached to a small shirt. In previous versions of the game, he appeared as a rabbit with two tails.


Noot owns a Scarecrow-like creature which cannot attack, be caught, or bought, but can be attacked.


  • "Ouch! ... Ah! Another happy ending!"
  • "All finished! Let's head back, okay?" (after completing a quest.)
  • "Wow! A new _______! Would you like to put it on?"



An image of Noob's overworld sprite, rsourced from the coding network of Prodigy.