Pokkit is a Dyno (member-only to catch) with the Earth element, which can use both Earth and Water element spells.

In-Game Description

Pokkits are considered slow-moving and skittish, spending most of their time hiding in their shells.


An oversized pill insect with a raspberry red shell, six large, black legs, bone-colored head, with green eyes, inner-shell, mouth, and green pearls near its head.

Weakness and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:

Evolution Chain

This is a baby evolvable, so it can evolve into Claustro. There are no more previous or future evolutions.


  • Life: A
  • Power: C
  • Growth: B-


Move/Attack Mudball Water Bomb Leaf Wind Water Bubble Geyser Blitz
Level Learned 1 5 10 21 33 52



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