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Potions are a battle item released in May 2017, found in Lamplight Town, in the Town Square. Purchase these from Scientist Slimerella, who is the slime wearing a lab coat and hugging a beaker of fizzy fluid. Every potion is only for members.

List of Potions

Name Icon Cost Effect
Always Critical 500
Critical Chance-Up 100
Damage Bonus 100
Earth Resist 100
Fire Resist
Ice Resist 100
Resist All 300 Gives resistance to all attacks
Storm Resist 100
Strong Damage Bonus 200
Strong Earth Resist 200
Strong Fire Resist 200
Strong Ice Resist 200
Strong Resist All 500
Strong Storm Resist 200
Strong Water Resist 200
Water Resist 100


  • You can receive a free Strong Resist All from Scientist Slimerella, called "Sample: Strong Resist All", even if you are not a member.


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Resist All