Prodigy is a math game for ages 6-13.

At the start of the game, the game tells you the story of The Academy and that they need a prodigy. After you finish the tutorial, you go to the forest where you will meet Flora in the Firefly Forest, and you will complete quests in order to meet your next instructor, Bok and so on (Note that you don't need to do this in order).

Wizards: You can build your own wizard and name it. You can also play and battle monsters and other wizards in the Coliseum. (Now known as The Arena.)

Heal yourself up by visiting a healstone with a red rock on it. You will have to answer a math problem for each attack you choose to do!
Current Prodigy Log-In Page

The Log-In Page when the EPICS came out

Spells You Can Learn

Astral Spells

Lvl 1: Magishot

Lvl 5: Batter Up!

Lvl 12: Conjure

Lvl 25- Pummel

Lvl 38 - Powerbeam

Lvl 52 - Zero

Flora's Spells: Earth



Leaf Wind

Bok's Spells: Ice

Ice Cannon

Ice Prison


Benni's and Broccolina's Spells: Storm




Slurpy's Spells: Fire




Eve's Spells: Water

Water Blast

Water Bomb

Rainy Day

Water Bubble


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