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About Prodigy
You are a wizard! In a land of mystery, magic, and monsters, you must level up and learn new spells to collect the strange and mystical wardens who disappeared from Lamplight Academy years ago. Collect pets and do quests as you search the hidden masters of magic!' Prodigy is an educational game used to teach math. It centers around a wizard (you), known as a prodigy, who helps numerous villagers by completing quests and fending off monsters. This Wiki was made to help you gather info about pets, villagers and anything else related to the game. Prodigy is owned by SMARTEACHER Inc., and the game has gone through many stages. Try it for yourself here, and watch the videos below on how Prodigy and North American Mathematics has grown!
Rohan Mahimker of Prodigy presents How we got 25 million kids to love math

Rohan Mahimker of Prodigy presents How we got 25 million kids to love math

This is how Prodigy has grown, and how engaging it is for young math students! This is advised for parents & teachers to use with children.
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