In-Game Description

A single flock of Pterrotells is said to have been led by a single Pterroks, who would hang back and shout orders.


Pterrocks is Misspelled as Pterroks in the In-Game Description. This is most likely a typo, but may be the singular form of "Pterrocks".

Pterrocks In-Game name may be a typo as well, as it's name ends with an "s", when that is grammatically incorrect.

Pterrocks is the only one of all pets that can learn Astral spells.


A brilliantly colored Pterosaur with raspberry head-stripes, neon magenta underwing membrane and fluff, vibrant purple arms, back, and head, grey / gray beak and talons, and a black beak tip. Its amber eyes and white underside make its standing-out feature!

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