Pterrotell is a somewhat special Dyno pet that has the Storm element, but can also use Astral attacks. It's a member-only pet, and can evolve into Pterrocks.

In-Game Description

Millions of years ago, the skies would be full of Pterrotells, in large flocks of up to 100.


A small pterosaur with vibrant lavender back-of-wing, back, and top head. It has bright magenta wing membrane and neck fluff, along with a pure white underbelly, grey beak and talons, and amber eyes.

Weakness and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

This pet is strong to:

Evolution Chain

Pterrotell is a baby evolvable, meaning it's at the very bottom of its evolution chain. It evolves into Pterrocks.


  • Life: C+
  • Power: A
  • Growth: B-


Unknown, yet knows Storm and Astral attacks.



  • Pterodactyls are not real dinos - they are pteros (pterosaurs, not dinosaurs).
  • The oddest of all Prodigy Pets, it's one of the rarest.

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